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Charge your electric car at Scandlines’ BorderShops

From now on, you can take a stroll on the pier and enjoy the view or go shopping in our BorderShop while your electric car is being charged in BorderShops’ parking area.

EV charger_BS_Puttgarden

Free charging

All customers with electric car can use the fast chargers for free. Touch the display in order to get to the display you see below:


Then follow the instructions shown on the display. After only 20-30 minutes, the battery will be charged up to 80 percent.

Thinking of the environment is part of Scandlines’ agenda – also when it comes to providing electricity for electric cars. In collaboration with E.ON, Scandlines has established fast chargers at the BorderShops in Puttgarden and in Rostock, making it easier for electric car drivers to drive to Scandinavia and back, thus taking one more step towards a green economy.

Facts about E.ON‘s fast chargers

  • Have three connectors: CCS, Mennekes type II and CHAdeMO 
  • Have a capacity of 43 kW AC or 50 kW DC (depending on car type)
  • Can charge two cars simultaneously (one AC and one DC)
  • Charge the battery up to 80 percent in 20 to 30 minutes (depending on battery size)
  • All electricity in E.ON’s public charging station network is produced by renewable energy