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Scandlines' hybrid system

Hybrid - you mean like hybrid car?


You might know the term from automobile manufacturers: Just as more and more cars as e.g. Toyota Prius and Golf GTE are using a combination of electricity and fuel or diesel - the so-called hybrid cars - also bigger transport vehicles, such as ferries, can combine diesel and electricity.  

In 2013, we converted the first ferry on the route Rødby-Puttgarden to hybrid propulsion. This conversion was a big success, and in 2014, we also converted the remaining three passenger ferries on the route to hybrid. As this was a visionary and extraordinary project, it was co-financed by the European Union.

When we took in service new ferries on the route Gedser-Rostock in 2016, we chose to make these two ferries hybrid ferries - they are even the world's biggest ones. Thus, Scandlines owns and operates the world's largest hybrid fleet. 
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Hybrid ferries are more eco-friendly than conventional ferries operating solely on diesel. Converting the conventional ferries to hybrid ferries allows us to reduce CO₂ emissions by up to appr. 15.000 tons pr. year - the same amount as produced by 340 average households in Germany p.a.

How does it work?
In normal service, only two or three of the ferry’s originally five diesel engines are working, at a load of 40-55% offshore and of 8-10% when the ferry is in the port. Nevertheless, the engines work most efficiently at a load of 85-90%.

We have replaced one of the five diesel engines with a battery of 1.6 MWh - corresponding to approx. 182 Toyota Prius hybrid cars.

By using this battery simultaneously with the diesel engines, the engines are working at the optimum level of load which is 85-90%. By doing so, we save fuel which is good for the environment. Scandlines is the first shipping company in the world to make large-scale use of a hybrid propulsion system which stores large amounts of energy in batteries on board.


We combine diesel power with electricity
Scandlines’ hybrid system combines traditional diesel power with electric batteries. When the engine needs more energy than the diesel generator can supply, it uses the batteries’ energy – and when there is less need for energy, excess energy is saved in the batteries.

Closed-loop scrubber
In addition to the installation of the hybrid system, Scandlines‘ ferries are fitted with a closed-loop scrubber. The closed-loop scrubber cleans the engine exhaust streams of pollutants such as sulphur and particulate matter and reduces emissions by at least 90%.
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But our green ambitions don't stop here. Our goal is to go zero emission on Rødby-Puttgarden already within a few years. 
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