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Scandlines’ closed-loop scrubber system

Why do you see water vapour from the tunnel of the ferry?

Scandlines‘ ferries are fitted with a closed-loop scrubber. The closed-loop scrubber cleans the engine exhaust streams of pollutants such as sulphur and particulate matter and reduces emissions by at least 90%.

As a consequence, water vapour steams out of the ferry's funnel.

The colder the air, the more vapour.


It is a „closed-loop scrubber“ which compiles the contaminated water and purifies it in a centrifuge. Afterwards, the cleaned water is stored in a tank and then pumped ashore. 

Hereafter, the water is disposed in an environmentally friendly  way by using a treatment and disposal facility.

We fulfil stringent environmental requirements
By installing the closed-loop scrubber system, Scandlines fulfils the sulphur requirements applicable from 1 January 2015. Scandlines has invested millions of EURO in the installation of the hybrid system and closed-loop scrubbers on the four ferries.

Also, the EU has also endorsed the innovative green initiatives from Scandlines with an allocation of financing at several million EURO.

Our green ambitions don't stop here. Our goal is to go zero emission on Rødby-Puttgarden already within a few years. 
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