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New ferries on the Rostock-Gedser route

The two new hybrid ferries “Berlin” and "Copenhagen" on the route Rostock-Gedser provide double capacity for vehicles, and the modern, spacious onboard facilities offer enough space for 1,300 passengers.


Contemporary, appealing and colourful design
In future you will be able to enjoy the popular Rostock-Gedser crossing on board a new ferry with a modern design. The many different areas on board and their pleasing interiors provide relaxation during the crossing.

More space and additional departures

With a capacity for 460 cars, there will be plenty of space on your preferred departure. Furthermore, the new ferries on the Rostock-Gedser route will provide additional fixed departures.

“Green” ferries on the blue sea

Thanks to Scandlines’ ambitious environmental strategy, the new hybrid ferry will belong to the world’s largest fleet of hybrid ferries, which combine traditional diesel power with battery power.

Scandlines would like to wish you a pleasant crossing with this new generation of ferries.