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Press releases 2009

Please find below a list of our press releases from 2009.

13.05.2009Scandlines Annual Report 2008

Scandlines achieves a positive operating result before tax for the business year 2008 - despite the economic crisis and high oil prices / Scandlines anticipates a further decline in cargo transport for 2009 / rationalisation programme started.

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26.02.2009Scandlines announces rationalisation measures

The international financial and economic crisis has also had repercussions on Scandlines’ business results since at least summer 2008. The company also anticipates a further decline in transport volumes on all routes for the current year 2009. Scandlines has therefore launched a rationalisation process to counter the effects of the global economic and financial crisis.

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28.01.2009Scandlines announces slight decrease of transportation figures for 2008

After years of growth with double-digit growth rates in some areas, Scandlines has now recorded a slight decline in transport results for the first time. The financial crisis and oil prices – at record levels over a period of months – particularly affected marine transport with the Baltic States, as well as holiday and shopping traffic between Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

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09.01.2009Waterways across the Baltic Sea: Scandlines schedules 2009

All information on routes, offers and pricelists / New: Individual national schedules for Denmark, Sweden, Latvia and the Island of Bornholm.

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