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Press releases 2015

Please find below a list of our press releases from 2015.


12.11.2015Scandlines refers the EU Commission’s decision about Fehmarn financing to the European Court of Justice

Scandlines petitions the European Court of Justice for annulment of the EU Commission’s vaguely founded and inadequate approval of the financing model for the Fehmarn project.

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29.10.2015Scandlines’ new ferries are already sailing

The preparations for the forthcoming introduction of the two new Scandlines ferries for Gedser-Rostock are in full swing. All the Danish and German officers are currently completing their training in the company owned simulator in Puttgarden, Germany.

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15.09.2015Scandlines recognised for green initiatives on Rostock-Gedser

Scandlines is expected to be awarded EUR 6.3 million from EU for the installation of scrubbers and hybrid system on the two new vessels for the crossing between Rostock-Gedser and for environmentally friendly infrastructure in both port facilities.

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07.09.2015Scandlines with more capacity

Scandlines recorded positive trends in the traffic figures of the first half of 2015, especially on the crossing between Rostock-Gedser. Therefore, the future development of traffic is ensured with continuous investments on the route.

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30.04.2015Scandlines improved profitability and competitiveness in 2014

Scandlines reports good financial results in 2014 as the company strengthened its competitive position through significant investments in new ferries as well as the completion of a number of important strategic objectives concerning customer service and environmental initiatives. Scandlines expects continued revenue and income growth in 2015.

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15.04.2015Scandlines deploys an additional ferry on the Puttgarden-Rødby route

Scandlines has deployed the M/V Mercandia VIII ferry in order to increase the capacity for the following months, while the passenger ferry M/V Prinsesse Benedikte is at the yard.
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27.03.2015Scandlines ferry expected back in service before end of June 2015

The damaged Scandlines ferry M/V Prinsesse Benedikte is being repaired at the Polish shipyard Remontowa and is expected to be ready before the end of June 2015.
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11.03.2015Scandlines ferry damaged at yard in Poland

During out docking at the shipyard Remontowa in Gdansk, Poland, the Scandlines ferry M/V Prinsesse Benedikte was damaged.

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23.02.2015Scandlines joins Trident Alliance

The Trident Alliance is a group of shipping companies, who collaborate to enforce all new maritime sulphur regulations for example applicable for Baltic Sea from 1 January 2015.

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04.02.2015Scandlines concludes sales of the ferry route Helsingør-Helsingborg

First State Investments is taking over the ferry route Helsingør-Helsingborg including the five vessels operating the line.
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09.01.2015First State Investments has agreed to acquire the ferry route Helsingør-Helsingborg

Scandlines and Stena have today signed an agreement for the sale of the ferry route Helsingør-Helsingborg to First State Investments.Download pdf