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Press releases 2017

Please find below a list of our press releases from 2017.


20.09.2017A great high season 2017 for Scandlines

The Danish-German shipping company can look back on three very good summer months  and has an optimistic view on the future. A continuing stable ferry service and a very low cancellation rate satisfy Scandlines’ customers.



Despite the rainy and cold weather, the summer of 2017 was excellent for Scandlines thanks to a steady ferry service and an increasing growth in the number of transported vehicles. There were no cancellations due to technical issues on the company’s two ferry routes. Only very few departures were delayed due to force majeure, and the majority of these were less than five minutes.


Compared to last year’s high season, Scandlines realised more crossings on both the operated routes this summer. On the route Puttgarden-Rødby, Scandlines had more than 9,000 departures during the summer months. With more than 34,000 crossings per year, over four departures per hour and a non-stop ferry service 24/7 on 365 days each year, the so-called Beeline is the fastest and safest traffic route from the European continent to Scandinavia.


In the harbours, the staff disposes of only 15 minutes to handle the embarking and disembarking of the ferries. On the Rostock to Gedser route 2017, the experienced personnel on board the ferries and in the harbours handled over 4,000 vehicles on the busiest summer days.


Apart from looking back on a summer where schedules were kept and the customers were happy, the company looks back on a summer where its two new hybrid ferries, M/V Berlin and M/V Copenhagen, contributed to a reduction of emissions in the Baltic Sea. The new ferries, which are the largest hybrid ferries in the world, were put into service on the route Rostock-Gedser in 2016. Due to their innovative hybrid propulsion system, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 2/3 per trip per car, compared to conventional ferries. The new hybrid ferries are not only more eco-friendly and more efficient in terms of energy; since the beginning of 2017 their size had led to a double-digit growth rate.


The M/V Berlin and the M/V Copenhagen are logistic giants, offering space for 1,300 passengers, 460 cars or 96 lorries. The service on the route is safe and reliable – also in the high season. More crossings, higher capacities and improved logistics: The ferries are, one year after being put into service, a perfect team und operate the route more than 20 times per day.

All in all, Scandlines’ ferries transported almost one million vehicles and more than three million passengers during the summer months. This is a tremendous logistic task which can only be carried out by a perfect team of staff members on board the ferries and in the harbours. Their highest goal is to ensure that the schedules are kept and that the customers are happy, also in the high season.

19.07.2017Scandlines completes investment grade rated refinancing

Scandlines is pleased to announce that is has successfully completed a EUR 862 million refinancing comprising of a six-year bank tranche, an 11-year institutional tranche and associated revolving credit and liquidity facilities.


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12.06.2017Scandlines applies APATEQ’s innovative scrub water treatment system in Gedser, Denmark

Scandlines uses a brand new scrub water treatment system, produced by the Luxembourgish clean-tech company APATEQ. The treatment system MarinePaq cleans scrub water from the ferry’s closed-loop exhaust gas cleaner (scrubber). It produces an effluent according to the most stringent environmental legislation and achieves substantial savings on operation costs and flexibility gains for the fleet.




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21.04.2017Scandlines receives again prestigious Shippax Award

During the annual Shippax “Ferry Shipping Conference”, which was held on board Grandi Navi Veloci's LA SUPERBA, April 5-7, 2017, the German-Danish ferry operator Scandlines received again an esteemed Shippax Award. Already in 2014, Scandlines was awarded for the conversion of the ferry Prinsesse Benedikte from traditional diesel power to the innovative hybrid propulsion system. This year, the ferry operator receives the award for its new hybrid ferry M/V Berlin.



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20.04.2017Corvus Energy signs long-term service agreement for world’s largest hybrid ferry fleet

Corvus Energy has been awarded a long-term contract to provide service & maintenance to Scandlines hybrid ferry fleet.


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05.04.2017Scandlines ensures safety on ferries with Roxtec transits

In order to ensure fire protection and water-tightness, before and after a fire, ferry operator Scandlines in Denmark replaced all other kinds of pipe seals on the recently built hybrid ferries M/V Berlin and M/V Copenhagen with Roxtec transits. 


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24.03.2017The customers love Starbucks – also on the Scandlines ferries between Germany and Denmark

Since May 2016, Scandlines’ customers have had the chance to enjoy a nice cup of Starbucks coffee, when travelling with the ferries on the route Puttgarden-Rødby. The customers have been pleased with the opportunity. As a result, Scandlines is extending the collaboration with the world’s largest coffee brand to include the two new hybrid ferries on the Rostock-Gedser route. 


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07.02.2017Scandlines now operates two hybrid ferries on the Rostock-Gedser route

On Sunday evening 5 February 2017, the two new hybrid ferries M/V Berlin and M/V Copenhagen went into ordinary service on the Rostock-Gedser route.


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19.01.2017Scandlines appoints new Operations Manager

Senior Vice President Route Management & Operations of Scandlines Claus Nikolajsen retires as of 31 January 2017. He is relieved by Michael Guldmann Petersen who joins Scandlines with solid international maritime experience.


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