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How we choose

As a Scandlines supplier you must be prepared to render extensive service. Scandlines is a business that is working day and night all the year round. We do not demand certification of production or environment, but we do demand that our suppliers have a responsible and professional attitude to the surroundings.

In the environmental field we will willingly replace present products and procedures with alternative solutions that have less effect on the environment, provided that it is financially justifiable.

We wish to enter into partnership with professional and financially healthy suppliers. In our relationship with our suppliers we focus on innovative and flexible businesses that are ready to cooperate in reaching common goals.

Furthermore, we want our suppliers to deliver goods and services of satisfactory quality, on time, and at competitive prices.

  • Our goal is to base our relationships with our suppliers on framework agreements of long duration.
  • Our policy is to have open and close relations with our suppliers, who obtain orders in free competition.

All business with Scandlines is based on our General Terms & Conditions.

Payment: Current month + 35 days.
Delivery: Free delivered to an address in Denmark, Germany or Sweden chosen by Scandlines.
As supplier you should be able to deliver all products both with and without VAT.
If you wish to receive a copy of our latest annual report please contact scandlines@scandlines.com.

Alternatively you may also find Scandlines' latest annual report.