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Invoices for supplies of goods and services have to be forwarded to the Invoice address stated on the specific purchase order, or to the e-mail addresses in Denmark and Germany:

Invoices for companies in Denmark:   vendor.invoices.dk@scandlines.com
Invoices for companies in Germany:  vendor.invoices.de@scandlines.com

Questions regarding the payment to be addressed to our Accounts Payment Departments as stated in the list of companies.

It will furthermore be stated on the specific orders if the deliveries are VAT exempted i.e. for vessels in foreign trade, or if normal VAT applies.

The invoices have to be properly marked with name of recipient, order- and position number.

Invoices for deliveries to German companies must be labeled with both Ust-IDnr. and VAT-number. Invoices for Danish and Swedish companies must be labeled with CVR-number.

The Ust-Id, CVR- and  VAT numbers are shown for the respective companies – see the list.