Bus Booking

How to book quickly and easily at Scandlines

When you book a bus on one of our Scandlines ferries, we can expedite your order promptly if you send your inquiry directly to our group booking department via our booking form Booking form (Excel fil) 

If your travel group is supposed to eat on board, we recommend to pre-order a group menu with your request.

Booking and Information:
Service Center
Phone: +49 (0) 381 - 77 88 77 66
Email: gruppen@scandlines.com

Since our ferries have limited capacity for busses and passengers, please inform our Service Centre about the total length of the bus incl. any trailers etc. when booking, latest one week before departure. All lengths should include bicycle and ski containers or any other trailers or similar.

Please also confirm the final passenger numbers at least one week before departure in written form to the Service Centre.

Please notice that in case the total vehicle is longer or if the bus arrives with more passengers than booked, Scandlines might not guarantee the bus space on the booked departure.

A booking becomes binding on both parties when the party placing the booking receives a confirmation of the booking in writing.

With the booking the General Conditions of Carriage (GCC) of Scandlines Deutschland GmbH are fully recognized and effective.