Updated 8 June 2021

Scandlines has implemented a number of initiatives on the ferries and in its BorderShops to make sure, that all passengers have a safe journey during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiatives are based on advice and guidance from the Danish public health authorities, The Foreign Ministry of Denmark and the German authorities. 

  • There are temporary entry restrictions for persons wishing to enter Denmark. For more information, please check www.coronasmitte.dk.

  • The Foreign Ministry of Denmark has upgraded Germany to yellow, however recommends you be extra cautious.

  • Since 08 November 2020, people entering Germany from high-risk areas are also required to comply with the existing quarantine regulations and the obligation to register digitally at www.einreiseanmeldung.de at the local health authority before starting the crossing unless you fall under one of the exceptions listed below. 

    Scandlines is obliged to check in the harbour before the ferry crossing whether the passenger has successfully completed the digital entry registration. If the passenger does not show proof of the digital entry registration, Scandlines is not allowed to transport the passenger. 

    The following groups of people are exempted from the obligation to register for entry:

    • People who transited a risk area without stopover
    • People who only enter Germany for transit
    • People who on grounds of local border traffic have stayed less than 24h in a risk area or are going to stay less than 24h in Germany
    • People who on a professional basis enter Germany in order to transport people or goods via road 
  • Generally, the entry regulations of transit and the destination country apply and all customers are obliged to comply with them.

    Before buying your ticket and starting your journey, please find out whether there are any entry restrictions to Sweden for your planned trip via Denmark.


  • The website reopen.europa.eu helps you plan your trip in Europe.

    The website gives you an overview of the countries’ measures including information on quarantine and testing requirements for travellers, the EU digital COVID certificate etc.

    You can also fill out a travel plan that will tell you the local restrictions of the countries you visit.

    The website is updated by The European Union.

Reimbursement and rebooking of tickets

  • We continuously follow the development of the Covid-19 pandemic. This also applies to travel restrictions. However, as a ferry operator we only conclude a transport contract, we do not provide services in the travel or package travel sector. Therefore, we are not subject to reimbursement claims.

    However, it is very important for us to support our customers in this very difficult situation and help them find alternative solutions to prevent loss.

    Refundable tickets will be refunded according to valid tariff conditions. When you buy a ferry ticket, you always get the option to buy a Refund Ticket Service for later ticket refunding if you have to cancel the ticket.

  • With effect from 22 October 2020, the Danish government has made new restrictions valid for all travel into Germany. As an extraordinary measure, Scandlines offers customers with a ticket valid for departure between 23 October 2020 and 24 May 2021 the possibility to change their booking without paying a fee or to get a voucher for the same amount as the price of the present ticket. The voucher is valid for travel in the year 2021.

    Please contact our Customer Service on servicecenter.germany@scandlines.com or call +49 (0) 381 – 77 88 77 66.

  • Yes, due to the current situation you can use your voucher for a new booking with a journey until end of 2021. The redemption period has been extended.

  • Tickets bought on conditions allowing a refund are of course always refundable. When buying a ferry ticket, you always get the option to buy a Refund Ticket Service for later ticket refunding if you have to cancel the ticket.

  • It is not possible to exchange your ticket for SMILE points.

  • Our Customer Service will contact you if you have a booking for a departure that is cancelled, provided that Customer Service has your contact details. We recommend that you keep informed on our website Scandlines.com.

COVID-19 precautions on the ferries

At Scandlines, we have implemented a number of initiatives based on guidelines from the authorities in order to make your journey during COVID-19 safe. 

  • Yes, anyone can use our ferries on the Puttgarden-Rødby and Rostock-Gedser routes as long as accepted travel reasons can be proven and the test and quarantine requirements of the destination and transit country are met.

  • At the harbours, there is no close contact as everyone is in their own car. If you leave your car to get some fresh air or to use the restrooms, you must wear a face mask or visor.

    On all our ferries, we follow the rules of adequate hand hygiene and make hand disinfectant available to all passengers. The dispensers empty quickly and we refill them as fast as possible.

    On all our ferries, we have put up posters with advice on how to avoid the virus from spreading.

    We continuously clean all areas and devices touched by many hands with disinfectant. Among these areas are door handles, railings, water taps and push buttons for toilet flush.

  • Please remember to bring a face mask when travelling with Scandlines. You have to wear a face mask, when moving around on the ferry. You do not have to wear a face mask, when sitting down, when eating and drinking or when you are outside on the sundeck or cardeck.

    If you are travelling as a foot passenger, you must wear a face mask when you enter the terminal building. 

    Scandlines crew working in the passenger areas must also wear a face mask or visor. Employees who are not in direct contact with the passengers are exempted from this requirement. 

    It is not compulsory to wear a face mask for children under 12 years, people with breathing difficulties, reduced level of awareness, or people with physical or mental impairments which mean that they cannot remove the face mask themselves.

  • We have limited the maximum number of passengers on board by approx. 35 percent, with small variations from ferry to ferry. This way, we can guarantee that there is enough space for all passengers.

    Prohibition against assemblies does not apply to general use of public transport or to the use of ferries. The average number of passengers per crossing is low. Furthermore, it is possible to travel outside peak times and our ferries are big enough for you to avoid close contact to other passengers.

  • We make sure that the indoor areas on our ferries are well vented using our efficient ventilation systems, but we also encourage our passengers to take a stroll on the outdoor decks to get fresh air and enjoy the view. We have lowered the maximum number of passengers on board by approx. 35 percent, so there is lots of room for everyone.

  • Generally, we recommend that our passengers go on the deck and enjoy the crossing. Our ferries are big and there is sufficient space to avoid close contact to other passengers. Furthermore, we follow all COVID-19 recommendations from the German and Danish authorities. However, if you wish to stay in your car during the crossing, this is possible.

    This is how you do:

    When checking-in, please inform our personnel in the check-in box that you and your passengers wish to stay in the car during the crossing. Together with your ticket, you get a note with instructions on how to act. It is important that you and your passengers comply with these instructions. 

    The number of passengers allowed to remain on the car decks is determined to be maximum 100 passengers in 20 cars.

    If the number of passengers wishing to stay in their cars exceeds the maximum number allowed, we refer all excess cars/passengers to the next departure.

    You are not permitted to start the engine during the crossing. There are no toilets on the car deck and smoking in the car during the crossing is not allowed.

  • See if the individual restaurants require your wear facemask and have a corona passport under Food on board.

  • Onboardshop is open as always. We have made extra disinfection dispensers available and marked the floor to secure social distancing, so all customers can comply with the COVID-19 recommendations. Furthermore, there are less passengers on board as we have reduced the number of passengers by approx. 35 percent, which makes it easy to keep social distance.

Visit our BorderShop

BorderShop in Puttgarden and in Rostock are open. However, to make your shopping trip safe, we have implemented a number of initiatives in order to comply with guidelines from the German authorities. 

  • Yes, both our BorderShop in Puttgarden and in Rostock are open. You can see offers and opening hours on bordershop.com. Easymarked in Rostock is open from 06.00 until 22.00.

  • In BorderShop Puttgarden, a maximum of 700 customers at the same time is allowed and in BorderShop Rostock the maximum is 120 customers. Automatic counting at the entrances secures that this number is not exceeded. 

  • Currently it is compulsory to wear face masks in all shops in Germany. Therefore, you must wear a face mask when visiting the BorderShops. This applies for both the shop and the parkering areas.  

  • You find hand disinfectant at the entrance, so you can disinfect your hands. You also find disinfectant and paper for cleaning the handles on the shopping carts.

  • We have marked the floor in order to remind everyone of social distancing and to make it easier to take care of each other and show consideration. 

Contact us

We are always ready to answer your questions. Contact our Customer Service e-mail servicecenter.germany@scandlines.com or call +49 (0) 381 – 77 88 77 66.