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Fuel charge

Fuel surcharge

Scandlines charges a fuel surcharge per crossing. The surcharge will be adjusted quarterly under consideration of market developments.



The following surcharges are valid for all new bookings as of 1st of April 2020:

Route Length Fuel surcharge per bus / single trip
< 8m
> 8m
< 8m
> 8m
€ 14



*Both routes in combination with Öresund Bridge and Helsingør-Helsingborg


MARPOL surcharge

Scandlines is investing in environmental technologies and charges the MARPOL surcharge.

The surcharge amounts to EUR 4,50 per single crossing.

The change of the originally booked departure is free of charge.

The fuel surcharge will be adjusted every 3 months and charged per bus per single ticket. Please note that if a rebooking is made, and the price for the fuel surcharge has been changed during the period between the date of the initial booking and the day of the re-booking, a corresponding price adjustment will be made.

In case the bus is not checked in for the booked departure on the travel day this is also registered as a re-booking, and a re-calculation of the fuel surcharge will take place.