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Excursion destinations in Denmark and Sweden

Inspiration for trips and group travel

There are many good reasons to visit our neighbours in the north. We have put together a wide selection of inspirations for, for example, coach tour operators, groups, clubs and school classes. Here you will find extensive suggestions for trips to Denmark and southern Sweden with suggestions for special activities and attractions including opening times, prices and possibly special group offers. In conjunction with our flexible ferry crossings with one of our brand-new ferries - every 30 minutes from Puttgarden or every second hour from Rostock - nothing stands in the way of the successful group event.

Scandlines - just experience the sea!

You will find information about addresses, opening times, admission fees and contact persons in the respective PDF file of the individual destinations.

Here you can also download all the destinations in a PDF file.

   Lolland / Falster
 Very close to wild animals  
 Dinosaurier im Wald

Knuthenborg Safaripark 

Take a trip more than 66 million years back in time as you walk through the Dinosaur Forest and encounter lively and roaring dinosaurs!

By 2019, t-rex will be the company of the WORLD'S LARGEST dinosaur patagotitan mayorum, and a bunch of flying wrenches move into the tree tops! In the Dinosaur forest, you also meet the living relatives of the dinosaurs, the emus, and can see true fossils and big skeletons!

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A guest in the age of the knights

Ritter reitet auf Pferd

Medical centre

Our small town has the status of a market town, it means that we have the right to trade and have market days in the town square.

The townspeople are craftsmen and traders and you can visit them, talk to them and see them work.
The town consists of a row of houses with mixed dwellings and workshops, merchant houses as well as an inn and a church which is currently under construction..

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Art museum in the middle of nature  
 Außenansicht des Fuglsang Museums

Fuglsang Kunstmuseum

Fuglsang Kunstmuseum is one of the oldest art museums in Denmark, comprising a significant collection of Danish art from ca. 1780-1980.

The museum always shows a selection of own artworks as well as exhibitions. The museum’s award-winning architecture harmonizes with the atmospheric surroundings; the manor house and nature in the beautiful countryside of southeast Denmark.

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The coolest animals in the world  

Crocodile Zoo

The crocodile lived on Earth already 200 million years ago side by side with the dinosaurs. It is perhaps the most successful survivor with the most incredible ability to adapt to extreme conditions ...Along with a park in Florida; Krokodille Zoo is the only place in the world where you can see all the existing species of crocodilians.

You can experience crocodiles of all sizes including Europe's largest crocodile Sobek and a variety of snakes, monkeys and giant turtles, and as the only place in Denmark, you can also see Clouded leopards!

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   Island Møn 
Meeresblick mit Kreidefelsen

Møn is beautiful

Visit the unique island of Møn. The small Danish island is famous for its chalk cliffs and offers much more than that.

Experience beautiful landscapes, small artist villages or the thatched castle Liselund in the immediate vicinity.

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Palace & dreamy avenues
 Lustschloss im Park

Liselund Palace

Liselund is a Romantic garden with palace, small buildings and garden monuments.
It was laid out at the end of the 18th century as a country home for Antoine and Lisa de la Calmette.

The architect Andreas Kirkerup erected Liselund’s neoclassical palace in 1792.

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 Denmark's cool science center  

GeoCenter Møns Klint

Learn and play your way through Denmark’s astonishing past - 70 million years back in time.

Join the hunt for ferocious dinosaurs and learn about the Tertiary Period when meteor showers and super-volcanoes wiped out ⅔ of all life, about the Quaternary Period with its ginormous ice glaciers and the creation of the amazing nature - and the most stunning nature in Denmark at Møns Klint.

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  Sealand/ Copenhagen
Romantic gardens and rococo castle  
 Schloss am See

Gavnø Castle

Island framed by islands: In the Karrebæk fjord at Næstved in the south of the Danish main island Zealand lies the rococo castle Gavnø Slot on the island of the same name. Surrounded on all sides by the sea and protected by the Great Belt through the island of Enø, you will find a holiday destination that will delight every visitor.

Highlight! The Christmas Market at Gavnø is the largest of its kind in Denmark. More than 150 exhibitors display a wide range of Scandinavian traditions, decorations, food, beverages and activities.

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On the trail of the cold war  
 Beleuchteter Bunkertunnel

Stevnsfort - Cold War Museum 

Visit the nuclear attack-proof fortress in Stevns Klint, and hear the story about one of Denmark's most secret places, which was located at the utmost frontline during The Cold War. Stevnsfort Cold War Museum is suitable for an excursion for the entire family with lots to see and experience.

During The Cold War, Stevnsfort was a secret part of the defence of Denmark and NATO.

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1000 years of danish history  
 Liegende Steinstatue mit Krone

Roskilde Cathedral

Experience 1000 years of history and an architectural masterpiece. All of Danish history are gathered here under beautifully decorated vaults and in dark crypts.

Here 40 kings and queens of Denmark are buried, so you can explore the entire Danish Royal history in one place. Roskilde Cathedral was the first Gothic Cathedral in Scandinavia made of bricks.

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 For movie enthusiasts  
 Das Gaunertrio der Olsen-Bande


Nordisk Film is the film studio in which most interior scenes of the Olsen Gang films of 1968 to 1998 were filmed. The exhibition replaces the previous and will be four times bigger. The new exhibition consists of new and nevertheless so well-known scenes from the films - e.g. the bunker from Jutland, the cosy living room of Yvonne and the swanky office of the director Hallandsen.

There are also more than 150 original items in the exhibition such as props and costumes from the 14 original films - some of which have never been previously shown!

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 Experience Copenhagen  

Do you want to explore Copenhagen?

"Show Me Copenhagen" shows you the wonderful capital of Denmark - on individual tours, completely after your time frame, interests and budget.

The private tours can be provided by bus, public transport, a private boat or as a walking tour. "Show Me Copenhagen" also offers tours by bike or Segway - there are almost no limits!

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 Royal experiences  

Christiansborg Castle

Visit Christiansborg Castle, which houses the royal repositories with the Knights Hall and the Queen's Goblins, the Royal Stables, Christiansborg Castle Church and the ruins below the castle.

The present Christiansborg Castle has been in place since 1928, but from this place, kings and queens have ruled for centuries. Today, H.M. The queen castle for official events, such as gala dinners and public audiences.
Visit the castle on your own, take a tour or attend one of our special events.

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Copenhagen - experience something different  
 Touristen fahren auf dem Segway

Copenhagen Segway Tours

Segway Sightseeing - the best thing you can do in Copenhagen.

Driving Segway is intuitive and easy to learn. Everyone can join in and have fun on our Segway Tour. After introduction and training, we make our way through the charming streets of Copenhagen.
Our 2 hour Wonderful Copenhagen Tour is the ultimate Segway tour in Denmark. 

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For adults and children  
 Kinder schauen auf ein Aquarium

The Blue Planet

Experience a world under the seven seas.
Get a close look at ferocious hammerhead sharks and elegant rays at Northern Europe’s largest and most modern aquarium.

Den Blå Planet, National Aquarium Denmark is surrounded by water, giving visitors the sense of being beneath the surface of the ocean. The architecture is inspired by a whirlpool, and consists of five ‘arms’ that encircle the entire planet – from the bird colonies on the steep fells of the Faroe Islands to the stunning coral reefs of the world’s oceans.

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Amusement Park - legendary & famous  

It is legendary, the famous amusement park Tivoli.
In the middle of Copenhagen, its breathtaking roller coasters can be seen from far away and arouse yearnings - and not only among the small visitors but visitors of all ages. Tivoli Gardens, as it is known, draws more than four million visitors each year: historic carousels take you straight into the colorful past of the theme park, tranquil boat tours take you past the picturesque backdrop, and modern demons take you on a vertical loop - Adrenaline rush included.

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A world-class science center  

Experimentarium, A World Class Science Center Dedicated to playful science and curiosity, Experimentarium brings science to life for the whole family. The new Experimentarium boasts three indoor floors with 18 interactive exhibitions in addition to an interactive rooftop terrasse. Voted among the 100 World's Greatest Places by TIME Magazine in 2018.

The famous exhibition BODY WORLDS is a part of the visit to Experimentarium until 3rd November 2019.

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Wild animals in the middle of Copenhagen  
  Copenhagen Zoo 

Ants, elephants, hippos, lions and polar bears. A visit to Copenhagen Zoo at Frederiksberg is always a wild and exciting experience. Zoo at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen houses over 3,000 animals, which together make up 264 exciting species. Regardless of the weather, Zoo offers tropical tropics experiences in Tropezoo.

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 Maritime & Architecture  

M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark

One hundred years old and a brand new museum.
From a distance, it is almost invisible, but below ground, in the middle of the newly renovated Culture Harbor Kronborg in Elsinore and neighbouring the majestic Kronborg Castle, is Denmark’s maritime museum, the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark.

If one follows the gently sloping bridges down to the old dry dock, one will experience one of the recent year’s most spectacular new buildings in Denmark..

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 Museum of Modern Art  


Louisiana is located on the North Sea coast in a large park overlooking the Sound between Denmark and Sweden.
Louisiana's collection of contemporary art has an international perspective with emphasis on painting and sculpture. The collection is far too extensive to appear in its entirety, so one will experience the collection in selected, changing presentations as well as changing special exhibitions.

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Open air museum in the heart of Helsingborg  


Fredriksdal is one of the largest outdoor museums in Sweden and has something for visitors of all ages. The hidden treasure in Helsingborg offers us a 19th century mansion, historic buildings and a farm, surrounded by a unique landscape consisting of several gardens, parks, fields and preserved neighbourhoods.

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 Castle & Gardens  


Often called the “Pearl of the Ring Lakes”, this charming castle is situated just two and a half hours from Rødby and Gedser, in the very heart of Skåne.

Bosjökloster was founded as a Benedictine convent in the 12the Century. Today, it is the private residence of the Bonde family who has a long experience of welcoming group travellers from all parts of the world. You are welcome to a guided tour in the public parts of the castle and the medieval church, with stories about some of its interesting owners from past centuries, the gardens with, among other, a rosarium, perennial flower beds and flowering shrubs, and the park with animal enclosures and ancient trees. The oldest is the one-thousand-year-old oak tree!

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 Pure Nature!  


North of Helsingborg, you will find the eight kilometer mountain Kullen (Kullaberg in Swedish). The area is free to enter and offers an unusual variety of natural areas and wildlife. The hill provides a wonderful setting for outdoor activities in the beautiful and wild nature reserve.

The hill is dramatic nature and adventure. You will find the main entrance to the nature reserve at the top of Mölle. Several hundred and thousands of visitor’s nature lovers come to the Hill every year to experience the magnificent scenery.

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 Fascinating gardens  


Welcome to discover Norrviken and its beautiful orchards.

Norrviken offers new experiences, changing with the rhythm of the seasons. The theme of the year – The Baroque Era – will be found in installations, flowers, decorations and events. Norrviken is famous for its gardens in different styles, created by Rudolf Abelin in the early 1900s. A visionary, inspired by various countries and epochs, who gave each garden its own, special character. The gardens offer experiences for all senses.

A visionary inspired by different countries and era, and then giving the garden its own special character.

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 For aviation enthusiasts  

Ängelholms Flygmuseum

Ängelholms Flygmuseum was established at the initiative of the F 10 Comrade Association to preserve the memory of the fighter wing after the decommissioning in 2003.

The museum was inaugurated in a modest form June 2004, after which it has developed into a well-established workplace museum. The purpose is to show, what employees and conscripts worked with behind the Fighter Wing guard’s heavily guarded gates during the “cold war”. The museum is run on a voluntary basis with entrance fees as the main source of income.

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 Inspiration - Hotel   

Glostrup Park Hotel 

At Glostrup Park Hotel, we take pride in meeting the requirements expected from a hotel of high standard with many return guests. As a guest, you will immediately sense the international yet relaxed atmosphere, which characterizes Glostrup Park Hotel.

Our competent employees focus on service and quality, based on our mission: to be the best – and be recognized for it.

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Here you can download all the destinations in a PDF file.