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Online help for HRS-Hotelbookings of registered Clients.

Our partner HRS offers you the access on thousands of hotels. Book up to 3 hotel stays for your journey to the north right now - direct and free of extra charges.
Please note that this involves a binding hotel reservation, which will be processed by HRS as a guaranteed booking.

The following information will help you in booking your hotel:

Your destination Start by entering your desired destination - it doesn't matter whether this is a specific location, a region, an island or a tourist attraction. You can also specify a postcode or an address (please enter the street first, followed by a comma and then the town or city).
Include area around desti-nation in km You can also include the vicinity of a town or city in the hotel search and determine the distance from the hotel to certain geographical locations.
Particular hotel / chain To search for a particular hotel or hotels in a specific hotel chain or cooperation, please enter the relevant name here.
Arrival / Departure 
Default arrival and departure times are given (arrival: today, departure: tomorrow). Please select another arrival and departure date if necessary, or use the calendar feature.
Hotel search according to star rating / maximum price If you specify a specific star rating or a maximum price, hotels meeting these criteria will appear at the top of the hotel list.
Single rooms / Double rooms Enter the number of rooms required here.
You can start the hotel search by clicking on this button.
Please press this button to continue booking your journey without selecting a hotel.
Hotels found All of the hotels that match your search criteria are displayed here.
Hotel list preferences

The hotel list is generally displayed with the following settings:

§ Only those hotels that have vacancies for the desired date are displayed.

§ The cheapest hotel appears at the top of the list.

§ Distance settings: in km from the town centre, the central station, the nearest airport or the nearest motorway.

Hotel details

Please observe the important information included in the hotel details. This can be displayed by clicking on the hotel name or on the hotel image (if available).

§ Important information - this includes details such as the reception opening hours.

§ Photos - to help you make your decision you can view images of the hotel you have chosen. These can be enlarged by clicking on the previews.

§ Map - displays the location of the selected hotel and allows you to zoom in, zoom out and move around.

§ Distances - displays the various distances from the hotel to different locations at your chosen destination.

§ Directions to hotel - a description of how to reach the hotel, which is also shown on the booking confirmation from HRS.

§ Facilities - this includes information with regard to hotel facilities, services and payment methods.

§ Weather and local time - this page provides information about the local time, the current weather conditions at your destination and a three-day forecast.

Extras in the hotel overview

Information in the hotel overview:

§ Sweet - free services for HRS customers; please refer to the hotel information

§ HRS stars - HRS hotel guests have stayed overnight and provided an evaluation; more details are included in the hotel information

Choose Hotel

If you have decided on a hotel, click on  Choose Hotel to go directly to the reservation overview, from where you can also book other hotels.

Takes you back to the hotel search.
Please press this button to continue booking your journey without selecting a hotel.
Reservation- overview

This includes all of the hotels you have already selected.

Clicking on this button takes you to the reservation form.

Pressing delete allows you to remove a hotel you have already selected from your shopping cart.

Please press this button to add another hotel; up to 3 rooms in 3 hotels can be selected and reserved.

Leads you back to your Reservation-overview.
Booking transaction

Your credit card details are required for your guaranteed HRS hotel reservation.

Guaranteed reservation

Guaranteed reservation - arrival before or after 18:00 (local time). The room will be kept open for you for the entire night or until the end of the reception service, regardless of your arrival time. Therefore your reservation can only be guaranteed by credit card! Your details are transmitted via an SSL encrypted connection. If you do not show up or do not cancel your reservation by 18:00 on the day of arrival, you will be obligated to pay the hotel.

Card Owner

Please enter the first name and surname of the credit card holder.

Card Number The credit card number can be found on the front of your credit card and normally consists of 16 digits.
Credit card provider

Please specify your credit card company (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club or JCB International).

valid until The validity period for your credit card can be found on the front of the card. Please enter this in the format mm/yy, e.g. 11/07.
Your hotel selection is complete and HRS checks for availability. Clicking on the button "Confirm reservation" concludes the reservation process.
Please press this button to continue booking your journey without selecting a hotel.
Reservation-confirmation This is where HRS confirms your reservation details. You are also provided with an overview of your hotel selection together with the HRS reservation number. If a hotel is no longer available, or if you want to cancel, change or make additional reservations in other hotels, you will need to visit our partner's website at www.hrs.de. You can access further help here, if necessary, by entering your reservation number.

Prints the reservation confirmation.

Please press the "Next" button to proceed with booking your journey.

Thank you for choosing the customer registration process at Scandlines. If you happen to experience any problems that cannot be resolved by using this help page, please contact one of our Scandlines Service Centres on:
+49-(0) 1802 - 11 66 99 (6 ct/call inside Germany fixed line network; german mobile prices maximum 42 ct/min)