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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions.


Where can I find information about Corona?

We have gathered all our information in relation to Corona here

Conditions of vouchers?

Vouchers issued in connection with travel restriction as a result of COVID-19 can be used for trips in 2020 and 2021. However, the voucher has to be redeemed by 31 December 2020. Please contact our Service Center and inform them about your unique voucher number.

The voucher can be used as payment or partial payment of ferry tickets (excluding Flex tickets) and pre-booked catering.

It is not possible to buy our Refund Ticket Service for a voucher and our 24-hour cancellation right does not apply for vouchers. After redemption of the voucher, it is therefore not possible to cancel the ticket.

The entire amount of the voucher has to be used for one booking and possible remainder of the voucher is not refundable.

For further information, please contact our Service Center at servicecenter.germany@scandlines.com or +49 (0) 381 – 77 88 77 66 (Germany)/+45 33151515 (Denmark).

How safe is your online-payment?

The payment procedure and authorization will be done via our partner Netaxept. You will be linked automatically to their website and  redirected to Scandlines online-booking after authorization of payment. Your account- or credit-card-data will not be saved in Scandlines booking-system.

Netaxept guarantees a maximum of safety by usage of the latest coding-technologies (based on present SET- and SSL-standards) and fulfills all safety-relevant requirements of card-providers. The computer centre is monitored 7 days a week and around the clock and guarantees maximum availability.

Further on you have an unlimited right of retraction in cases of unauthorized credit-card-payments and direct debiting. Please contact your bank concerning valid deadlines.

What credit cards are accepted on board?

Card fees apply for certain card types.

Is pre-booking necessary?

This option depends on the Scandlines route you want to travel on. For the routes from Puttgarden to Rødby and from Helsingør to Helsingborg pre-booking is not necessarily required. Due to the high departure frequencies of those Scandlines routes periods of waiting are very seldom and do only occur in exceptional cases, like at weekends in peak season. On the route from Rostock to Gedser we urgently advise a reservation, not only in peak season and on bank holidays.

We would recommend to make a pre-booking:
If you plan ahead and book a certain ferry in advance, you will safe significantly. For a slightly higher fee, you will receive more of our services and be able to use them flexibly, even if your plans of travel should change.
The choice is yours.

Cancelation, up to when?

Here you find more information:

Scandlines Ticket-Terms 

What currencies can I use to pay on board?

Beside Euros, common currencies like Danish, Swedish or Norwegian Krone are accepted as payment.

Can I change money on board?

It is not possible to change money on board. A branche of the “Reisebank” is located in the terminal at Rostock.

How and when does the payment occur and how are amounts refunded?

Every booking at a Scandlines Service Center or on the Internet has to be paid immediately. Payment is possible with American Express, Visa- or MasterCard as well as by electronic debiting inside Germany under allegation of bank code and account number. 

In case of booking directly on the spot, payment is also possible with other credit cards and cash, too.

For electronic payment Scandlines works in close collaboration with “Saferpay” and "Netaxept".

Depending on the certain card type Scandlines is charging a specific card fee. The amount of that fee will be shown during payment procedure and will also be listed in your booking confirmation. Following payment options are available without credit card fee: 

Electronic automatic debit transfer for web bookings and MasterCard for bookings via Scandlines Service Center. Card fees will not be refunded in all cases of cancellation.

Dogs aboard the ferry?

Generally, for the transportation of animals the general terms of transportation for persons are valid as well. In the owner’s company small pets are allowed aboard. Bigger animals and dog breeds evaluated as “dangerous” mustn’t leave the craft during the stay aboard. Aboard, muzzle and lead are basic prerequisites for the carriage of dogs and belong to the owner’s duties. For hygienic reasons pets are not allowed in restaurants and shops. Staff orders always have to be followed immediately. Furthermore, we would like to advise you of the need to carry along an international vaccination card for your pet. Further information to the terms of entry with pets, the obligatory registration and much more can also be received at the tourist information www.visitsweden.com and www.visitdenmark.com.

How do pedestrians get to the port of Rostock?

Pedestrians for the Scandinavian routes use the suburban railway-connection from central station to “Seehafen” or take the tram number 2 from the central station to “Dierkower Kreuz”, to go on with the bus number 49 to “Seehafen”. The way from the suburban railway station to the ferry terminal takes you about 20 min of walking. The bus stop is situated directly at the terminal.

Ferry missed, now what?

In case of having missed your booked ferry, please contact immediately the Scandlines Service Centre.
Phone +49 (0) 381-77 88 77 66.

More information:
Scandlines Ticket-Terms

Validity of tickets?

The ticket is valid for the booked departure. Here you find more information:

Scandlines Ticket-Terms 

How long is my Sweden-Ticket valid?

You don't have to use your ticket on Helsingør-Helsingborg at the same calendar day like the crossing Germany-Denmark. A possible difference in the ticket price has to be paid at the Check-In in Helsingør or Helsingborg respectively.

When I wanted to finish my booking and go to payment, the booking just stopped. What should I do?

This often happens due to Browser issues or an anti-virus program, like Kaspersky, blocking the access to the payment page. We recommend using Google Chrome & pausing the antivirus program, while you go to payment.
N.B. Scandlines cannot be held accountable for virus issues due to pausing an anti-virus program.

When does the reservation have to be changed?

If the name of the travelling person, address or licence plate for the booked crossing for the routes to Scandinavia change, it is not necessary to inform the shipping company in the run-up to the crossing. Besides, please point out the changings at the check-in. For safety reasons, ferries are available only for a certain number of passengers. That is why there is no duty of transportation if you arrive with more persons than stated in the booking. For these reasons, a changing of the number of travelers in your booking is necessary. Please do not book more persons than necessary as well, because if you would do so, you would unnecessarily block capacities. There is no duty of transportation as well, if the vehicle category does not fit to the one stated in the booking (e.g. booking of a car, arrival with a caravan).

Changes of departure days and crossing time must always be done as soon as possible.

Can I book an open ticket, without fixed departure-day and/or -time?

Yes, the open return tickets (no fixed date) can be booked via the Scandlines Service Centre if the return is for Economy EXTRA or FLEX tariff.

The price for the return trip is thus the highest price in the available category.

How are the different import regulations?

Please have a look in the Customs Regulations.

Parties, table reservations, events on board

Table reservations can be made and parties or events held on the German ferries between Puttgarden and Rødby and Rostock-Gedser.

Please contact Scandlines for further information regarding events on board.
E-Mail: gruppen@scandlines.com


Can I deposit my cans aboard?

The packing orders are only valid for the area of the Federal Republic of Germany. That is why there is no deposit duty for the sales of disposable packaging beyond the 12 miles zone (Puttgarden: 3 miles zone)…

Scandlines' service centres

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