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Refund Service

With the Refund Service you can cancel your ticket and receive a refund of the ticket price.

If you would like to cancel your ticket and get it refunded you have to buy the Refund Service.

The Refund Service can be purchased for EUR 13,00 through the Scandlines online booking or at the Scandlines Service Centre. When buying a FLEX ticket the cancellation and refunding is already included in the ticket price.

Unused or partially used tickets can be cancelled and refunded. By cancellation of unused tickets the full ticket price will be refunded. By cancellation of partly used tickets Scandlines will refund the remaining value of the ticket. No service fees will be refunded.

The Refund Service is valid up to 3 months after the originally booked outbound departure date. No refund in a case of later cancellation.

If you want to cancel your ticket in full you can do this via “My Booking” at mybooking.scandlines.com. If you want to cancel a partially used ticket you have to contact contact the Scandlines Service Centre in written form by sending the booking number and add eventually unused vouchers.