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SMILE - Earn points and get benefits

Get special offers, exclusive benefits and greater benefits with SMILE

Collect points and get access to benefits with SMILE

SMILE is Scandlines' loyalty program, where members can earn points, enjoy special offers and greater flexibility. 

As a SMILE member, you will get a SMILE card, which you need to use earn points. You can earn points on all ticket purchases, as well as all purchases in our BorderShops and on board our vessels. Exceptions are bus, truck, Helsingør-Helsingborg tickets, alcohol and tobacco goods, and newspapers and magazines.

You can use your points to enjoy special offers, and to get access to even more benefits. When you have earned 5000 points, you get the option to upgrade to SMILE+ for 1 year. With SMILE+, you can enjoy even greater flexibility, and earn double amount of points on all of your purchases.

On our SMILE portal you can read more about SMILE, all the benefits, and how to sign up. We give you 500 points when you first activate your card.