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Vehicle definitions

Application of vehicle fares for cars, mobile homes, vans and cars with trailers or caravans: these prices are valid for vehicles up to 6m length which, as stated on the vehicle registration document, are registered for a maximum of 9 passengers and a maximum permissible weight of 3,500 kg, and are insured in compliance with legal specifications. Vehicles (including trailers) over 6m in length and with a maximum permissible weight of 3,500 kg of the pulling vehicle are charged in accordance with the subsequent vehicle and length category.             

Rates for mobile homes (irrespective of weight) apply if the vehicle was registered (according to the vehicle documents) as a mobile home.

Rates for cars with trailers or caravans (up to a permitted weight of 3,500 kg of the pulling vehicle) are valid for vehicles consisting of a car (registered in the Vehicle Registration Certificate as a private car for a maximum of 9 persons) or a mobile home interconnected with a trailer or a caravan. 

For vehicles which are not covered by the above rules our cargo or coach rates apply. Length means overall length - incl. trailers, bicycles or a tow-bar.

Only tariffs for vehicles up to 6m in length and over 6m in length apply on the direct line Helsingør-Helsingborg. Additional length categories do not apply to this vehicle route.

Motor bikes incl. max. 2 persons and side car (length max. 2,5m). Motor bikes bigger than that will be classified as cars. Quads are classified as motor bikes. Trikes and Smarts are classified as car. Mopeds are classified as bicycles and incl. 1 person.


Vehicle length is calculated as the total length of car and caravan, also including bikes, boxes etc. mounted on the end of the vehicle

Vehicles over 6 meter:

Vehicles with a length over 6 meters have different categories. You will have to inform about the total length on your vehicle incl. trailer or caravan when you book your ticket or purchase in manual lane at Check-in in harbor referring to the following length categories:

Under 6 meter:
6-8 meter
8-10 meter
10-12 meter
Over 12 meter

Bicycles and other objects on the back of the car have to be included in the total length.

For vehicles to which this ruling does not apply, our cargo or coach rates apply.