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Scandlines gastronomy

Scandlines offers on all lines enticing dining options. We have something for every taste and every budget.

Scandlines offers you tempting culinary delights on all its routes

Scandlines offers you on all our routes enticing dinner options. You can choose what you prefer – an elegant restaurant and good wine or rustic fast food restaurants. Here you will find offers for every taste and at every price level.


  FoodXpress on the routes Puttgarden - Rødby and Rostock - Gedser 
  • Always open!
  • Modern cafeteria with a wide food selection
  • The products are ready-to-serve
  • Select - take - pay - enjoy
  • Price level: 2,50 Euro - 10,75 Euro

Really hungry or if you just need a snack



  Good to Go on the route Puttgarden -Rødby (German ferry) 
  • Self service - travel goods shop
  • The products are ready-to-serve
  • Select - take - pay - enjoy
  • Price level : 1,75 Euro - 4,25 Euro

Openings hours:
From Puttgarden: 05.45 - 21.30
From Rødby: 08.15 - 19.30


Scandlines Buffet all inclusive on the route Rostock - Gedser

  • Our new "all inclusive buffet concept"
  • We serve buffet for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner including beverages at affordable prices
  • Pay at the entrance - you will be placed by our service crew - self service at the buffet - enjoy
  • Price leve all inclusive: 18,66 Euro - 24,70 Euro

Opening hours:
From Rostock: 06.00 - 22.15
From Gedser: 07.00 - 22.15




Scandlines Buffet on the route Puttgarden - Rødby (German ferry) 

  • Breakfast Buffet until 11.30. EUR 18,79 pro Person.
  • Scandlines Buffet with meat, fish, potatoes and salad buffet. EUR 20,80 pro Person.
  • Delicious food and beverages in an elegant atmosphere
  • Take your time to enjoy a lovely meal
  • Personal and polite service

Opening hours:
From Puttgarden: 07.45 - 20.30
From Rødby: 07.45 - 21.30