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Shopping on board the Scandlines ferries

Our shops offer a wide range of spirits, wine, tobacco, and candy. We have a special section for perfume and cosmetic products.

Thousands of goods to peruse at your leisure while the ferry sails

Shopping on board

Puttgarden - Rødby    

Here you find Onboardshop, Travel Boutique, the perfumery and accessories shop.

Spirits, cigarettes, wine, and sweets are sold only on German waters according to tax rules.
Therefore, we have the following opening hours:

Coming from Puttgarden: Open until 17 minutes before the scheduled arrival in Rødby.

Coming from Rødby: Open 13 minutes after departure.







Rostock - Gedser

We have put together an wide selection of spirits, wine, and sweets for you. Integrated in the shop is a perfume and an accessories department.

Our Accessories Shop offers a range of products like clothing, gifts, souvenirs, and typical Danish products.




Onboardshop magazine

Onboard magazine valid from 29 of March 2021 – 20. of June 2021.