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Bizz FAQ Puttgarden-Rødby and Rostock-Gedser


Is my Scandlines AutoBizz agreement still valid? Can I still use my Bizz?

Your Scandlines AutoBizz is still valid for the Helsingør / Helsingborg crossing. If you have a Bizz linked to EasyGo, you can also use it on Puttgarden/Rødby and Rostock/Gedser crossings.

What should I do if my Bizz does not work in the harbor and the bar is not going up?

Press the "Help" button on the monitor at the automatic check-in or choose a lane with personal service.

Does it cost anything to order a BroBizz® or an Scandlines AutoBizz?

No, but you pay a deposit of 200 DKK. You will receive it back again when returning the Bizz transmitter.

Does it cost anything to exchange a BroBizz® or an Scandlines AutoBizz?

No, it costs nothing to exchange.

Do I have to register my Bizz transmitter at Scandlines before I can use it for Scandlines' crossings?

Scandlines is EasyGo member, which means that you do not need a special agreement with Scandlines to use your BroBizz® or Scandlines AutoBizz for your crossings.

Where do I find my BroBizz® customer number?

You will find your BroBizz customer number in the welcome letter you received with your BroBizz®, or you can log into My Account on brobizz.com, where you'll find all your agreements and information. You can use My Account round the clock. "

How do I reactivate my pbs agreement for my AutoBizz?

You can do this under pbs changes, which you find here.

Can I link my bridge card with my agreement?

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

Where can I see an overview of the ferry crossings, where I have used my BroBizz®?

Under My Account on brobizz.com you can get an overview of the ferry crossings. Under the menu item consumption / tours, you can get an overview of your consumption.

Can I use my BroBizz® or Scandlines AutoBizz to buy a one-day ticket or Minibreak Ticket?

No, you can only use your BroBizz® or AutoBizz to buy one-way trips.

To which address do I return my Scandlines Bizz transmitter when I want to end my AutoBizz agreement, and how do I get my deposit back?

Please send your Scandlines AutoBizz transmitter to Scandlines servicecenter along with your account information, and we will transfer your deposit back to you.