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Using Bizz with Scandlines

A Bizz lets you check in easily, quickly and without needing to search for your credit card.

With a Bizz, you don’t need to reserve a place
  • Bizz is Scandlines’ electronic payment method
  • Bizz is placed on the car’s front windscreen, above the rear-view mirror
  • Bizz is read automatically when you drive through the Automatic lane during check-in
  • You receive SMILE points on ferry tickets purchased with your Bizz - this requires a SMILE membership
You don’t need to reserve a place, everything is done automatically, including invoicing
Don’t have a Bizz? Order your Bizz here 


Scandlines Bizz is associated with the EasyGo partnership. If you have a Bizz issued by one of the other Bizz operators in the EasyGo partnership, you can therefore use your Bizz on Scandlines’ Rødby-Puttgarden, Gedser-Rostock and Helsingør-Helsingborg crossings. 

See EasyGo for information on other ways you can use a Bizz.

Please note that if you do NOT want to use your Bizz at check-in, it needs to be stored in a foil bag. 

Tickets and prices

The available ticket types and prices vary from route to route. It is only possible to buy the types of ticket below with your Bizz. The ticket price depends on the date of travel, crossing and type of ticket. 

NB: We cannot offer Bizz tickets for cars over 6 metres.

On the Rødby-Puttgarden crossing, you can choose between a Bizz FLEX and a Bizz Economy EXTRA ticket. 
Prices and other conditions for these Bizz ticket types are the same as for our normal Economy EXTRA and FLEX tickets.

See current price information 

For both types of ticket, the ticket is selected on arrival at the automatic check-in at Rødby or Puttgarden. The current price will be shown there at that time. 

On the Gedser-Rostock crossing, you can choose a Bizz FLEX ticket. Prices and other conditions for the Bizz FLEX ticket are the same as for our normal FLEX tickets.

See current price information