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Business trips

As a business traveller on Scandlines routes Puttgarden-Rødby and Rostock-Gedser your company can profitably enter a business agreement in case these routes are used by personal cars minimum 26 times per year.

Advantages by entering a business agreement

Scandlines offers two different business agreements.

Bizz Business Agreement

With a Bizz Business Agreement travelers by car can use their Bizz for check-in in the harbours and thereby obtain discount on the ticket price and at the same time get flexibility related to the departure time.  





Scandlines Business Agreement 

With a Scandlines Business Agreement the company gets the opportunity to pre-book tickets and space for personal cars on board Scandlines ferries themselves and at the same time obtain a discount on the ticket prices.    







You are welcome to contact Scandlines´ sales department at phone +49 (0) 381 77 88 77 66 and learn more about these opportunities.