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Scandlines lowers Economy prices for 2017

Because of its high frequency of sailings and short crossing times, Scandlines is particularly popular for those travelling to and from Scandinavia, who, when planning their trip, want to combine the maritime experience of a Baltic sea crossing with maximum flexibility. Now, Economy prices for the non-peak season have been lowered for the second time since 2015. 
Scandlines is offering its customers particularly low-priced tariffs for 2017 with the customer benefits programme, SMILE. The past season has shown that more travellers than expected were prepared to book a fixed departure in advance and thus travel particularly low-cost with the exclusive Economy tariff for SMILE members.

Two routes, one Economy price

The balance sheet is so good that Scandlines has been able to lower the Economy tariffs for the 2017 non-peak season (01.01.-23.05.2017 and 11.09.-31.12.2017) on the Rostock-Gedser and Puttgarden-Rødby routes from EUR 39.00 to EUR 33.00. Depending on availability, the crossing from Germany to Denmark on both routes can be booked online up to 14 days before departure for EUR 33.00. 

Sweden to Öresund tickets are also offered at a cheaper price in 2017. Travellers can use the ‘Öresund ticket’ to go by ferry to Denmark and then travel over the Öresund bridge to Sweden. In future this offer will be available from EUR 75.00 in the Economy tariff whether or not the ferry passengers start out from Germany in Puttgarden or Rostock. The ‘Sweden ticket’ from Scandlines again combines the Puttgarden-Rødby or Rostock-Gedser routes with the ferry connection Helsingør-Helsingborg and can also be booked outside of the peak season in the Economy tariff from EUR 75.00. 

Bookings are now open until 10th September 2017. Please click here to continue with the online booking.

Please also check out our comprehensive Ticket Terms and Conditions of Transport.