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Things you should know

1. Are dogs allowed on board?
In most cases, the carrying of animals is subject to Scandlines’ General Terms of Conveyance for passengers.
Small pets accompanied by their owners are allowed on board.
Larger animals and breeds of dog classified as dangerous may not leave the vehicle as long as they are on board. On longer crossings, access to the vehicle deck is possible in consultation with the crew.
The use of a muzzle and lead is compulsory on board. For reasons of hygiene, pets may not be taken into the restaurants and shops.
The instructions given by the ship’s personnel must be heeded at all times.
We would also like to point out that you must have an international vaccination pass with you for your animals. Further information concerning the provisions for entry with pets, registration obligations, etc. is available via the tourist information offices at http://www.visit-sweden.com/ and http://www.visitdenmark.com/.

2. What credit cards are accepted?
Mastercard/Eurocard, Visa, American Express, Diners and Dankort are accepted on board Scandlines ferries.

3. Can I change money on board?
Branches of the “Reisebank” are located in the terminals at Rostock and Sassnitz.
Fixed amounts can be changed into Swedish or Danish krone on most ships for a charge. Smaller amounts of Litas or Lats can be changed into Euros on the Baltic State lines.

4. What currencies can I use to pay on board?
Beside Euros, common currencies like US Dollar and Danish, Swedish or Norwegian Krone are accepted as payment.
Special conditions:
On the Travemünde - Ventspils line, US Dollar, Danish Krone and Euro are accepted.

5. Import regulations
Further information can be found under customs regulations.

6. Must I pay a deposit on cans on board?
The Packaging Regulations apply only to the territory of Germany.
This means that sales of non-returnable packaging outside the 12 mile or, in the case of Puttgarden, outside the 3 mile zone (of Germany) are not subject to the mandatory deposit.

7. Parties, table reservations, events on board
Table reservations can be made and parties or events held on the German ferries between Puttgarden and Rødby. Please contact Scandlines for further information regarding events on board here

8. Can I sleep on board?
On the Sweden and Baltic State lines, cabins can be booked with the ticket or paid for on board if there are vacancies. Pullman seats can also be booked in advance or paid for on board on the Baltic State routes.