If you are injured or your vehicle or luggage suffer any damage while on board the ferry, make sure you notify our staff before leaving the ferry.

Our staff will fill out a form covering your name, address, time of injury/damage, location, a description of the incident and other relevant information.

If the incident concerns damage to a vehicle etc. that is fully insured, you should contact your insurance company, who will sort out the assessment, repairs and liability issues.

If the incident concerns a different sort of damage to your possessions or a personal injury, you can contact Insurance & Claims via insurance@scandlines.com.

Scandlines’ carriage services are in accordance with applicable maritime legislation and are summarised in our General Conditions of Carriage. The shipping company’s liability is limited per the provisions of the Danish Merchant Shipping Act.

Scandlines, Insurance & Claims
Færgestationsvej 5
DK-4970 Rødby
Email: insurance@scandlines.com