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Be guided to the best spots in the north

There's a sense of community in the air and freedom on the agenda, because it's time to set your course for camping in Northern Germany. What feels better than turning up the gas stove and slowing down while enjoying a vacation in the great outdoors? Look forward to a holiday with extra high ceilings and lots of experiences in Northern Germany.

Whether you're a family with children or a couple on a trip, we've found 13 campsites in Germany suitable for any occasion – whether you're in a tent, with a caravan, or looking for first-class facilities. So just pack your car and book your ticket. The camping holiday awaits just a few hours from the ferry.


Camping Triangle

Where the grass is greener

Camping Triangle

You don't have to travel far to get your hands on a 5-star holiday experience while camping in Northern Germany. Just an hour's drive from Puttgarden, you'll find Camping Triangle, which is on board when it comes to summer vibes for the whole family.

Here, you'll find everything a nature lover desires – with fine facilities such as a large minimarket, a crisp bakery, and lovely bathrooms surrounded by white sandy beaches, green lawns, and nature reserves. You might have to contend with the weather – but everything else is straight down the highway.

Prices start from €11 for a pitch with options for various additional purchases.

Find Camping Triangle on Seestrasse 1a, 23758 Wangels

Camping Hameln

Spotless space in nature

Camping Hameln

Located by the winding Weser River, you'll find Camping Hameln, where everything is in perfect order. Here, you can enjoy everything from natural beauty in the Weser Uplands to indoor coziness in the cabins and city life in the old part of Hameln. It's an excellent choice for camping in Northern Germany for the whole family.

But the most splendid feature of the site is undoubtedly the bathrooms, where even the most discerning camper can find satisfaction. With exotic mosaics, vintage timber, and carved sinks, nothing is left to chance.

Although the decor is kept in neutral shades, it's as colorful as the guests. Look forward to a festive holiday – and pure driving pleasure all the way there.

Prices start from €7 per adult, €4 for children, and €2.5 for dogs.

Besøg Camping Hameln on the address Embankment 80, 31787 Hameln

Baumhotel Robins Nest

Penthouse med panoramaudsigt

Baumhotel Robins Nest

Pull up the stakes and drive a little further than you planned. Baumhotel Robins Nest might be deep in the forest, but this is a campsite you don't want to miss.

Forget about finding the greenest grass to set up camp – because here, it all happens up in the trees. So pack away any fear of heights and unfold yourself in either a cabin or a tent in the treetops. It's a different and unique way to go camping in Northern Germany.

And when you're ready to keep both feet on the ground again, there are fine communal facilities.

In the higher altitudes, however, there is privacy worth every penny, with prices starting from €49 for a tree tent and €159 for a cabin. There's a weekend surcharge of €30, and a vegetarian breakfast can be added for €15.

Find Baumhotel Robins Nest on Berlepsch 1, 37218 Witzenhausen

Camping Puttgarden

A surfers paradise by the Baltic Sea

Camping Puttgarden

Camp under the stars close to the Baltic Sea at Camping Puttgarden. The campsite is located on the island of Fehmarn, which offers much more than just the ferry terminal, BorderShop, and the highway heading south.

At this campsite, you can engage in water sports such as kite surfing, windsurfing, and diving – or you might just choose to stay on the soft sandy beach and enjoy the view.

Camping Puttgarden is right by the beach and a kite surfing school, so everyone can experience riding the waves of the Baltic Sea, regardless of skill level.

There's also much to see on land. The campsite is close to a large migratory bird reserve, Wallnau Waterbird Reserve. Here, you can get some fresh air and enjoy the green landscape on foot or via the many cycling paths.

Find Camping Puttgarden on the address: Am Belt 1001, 23769 Fehmarn

Camping Strukkamphuk

Easy camping on an island

If you're looking for an easy camping trip, take a short drive to Strukkamphuk, located just south of the border on the German island of Fehmarn, a stone's throw from the ferry port in Puttgarden.

This is a campsite in Germany where there's something for the whole family, and you can enjoy being close to home while still far away from everyday life.

Go hiking in the area or venture a bit further on a bike. The little ones can look forward to themed days filled with fun as Indians or pirates, while the older kids can get their adrenaline fix on the skateboard ramp, hit the beach for some beach volleyball, or stand up on the water with kite surfing.

Strukkamphuk-Fehmarn is ideally situated by the water, with views of both the forest and the beach, where there's a bonfire and theater played every evening. And if you're looking for more activities, you can take a trip to the town, Burg auf Fehmarn, which offers lots of cozy restaurants, a museum about the island, and a festive summer atmosphere in the streets.

Find Strukkamphuk on Strukkamp 83, 23769 Fehmarn


Tropical vacation in Northern Germany

Südsee camp

At Südsee-Camp, the camping concept is taken to a whole new level. Located in a beautiful forest area close to the water, you can choose between tents, mobile homes, and cabins of various sizes – all of which have comfort as a top priority.

You definitely won't experience a single dull day at Südsee-Camp! There are all imaginable forms of sports, activities, and entertainment for the whole family.

For example, you can spend the day in the indoor tropical water paradise, where steam baths, saunas, and water slides offer hours of relaxation and fun. And if the weather permits, you can also take a dip in the large outdoor bathing lake!

Visit Südsee-Camp at Südsee Camp 1, 29649 Wietzendorf.

Camping- und Ferienpark Havelberge am Woblitzsee

Camping by the water

Camping ved vandet

Havelberge is a 5-star camping and holiday park by the lakeside in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The campsite is thus located right by the water, where an impressive landscape with forest and crystal-clear lakes lies right at your feet. If you don't already consider yourself a nature lover, you'll undoubtedly become one on this trip.

Get up close with nature at the bathing jetty, which leads you directly into a fantastic lake where you can take a refreshing dip. You can also enjoy the warmth in the park's sauna right by the shore or bask in the sun on the sunbathing area.

If you want to combine camping with a canoe trip, you can stay at a tent site for canoeists, which any water sports enthusiast will love.

The park also offers a range of fun children's activities, so you can be sure that the kids will have an eventful trip as campers.

Visit Havelberge at An der Havelbergen 1, 17237 Userin.

Naturisten FamilienSport- und NaturCamp Sonnensee

award-winning camping site

Camping i telt

In Hannover, you can camp at the exemplary sports and nature site Sonnensee. On this park-like camping site, you are guaranteed activities year-round with sports, games, entertainment, and, most importantly, nature close by.

Among the many facilities on the site, there are beach volleyball, petanque, table tennis, and playgrounds. On the children's beach, there is room for the little ones to explore the shallow water and build sandcastles.

There is plenty of peace and relaxation in the idyllic natural area. 150-year-old oak trees, a fantastic lake, and the camping park have merged into a harmonious landscape. All of this forms the basis for the cozy atmosphere that can be felt throughout the site.

Visit Sonnensee at Waldstraße 99, 30629 Hannover.

Camping Märchencamping

Adventurous surroundings


Camping is a bit like going on an adventure, as emphasized by Märchencamping, which means fairy tale camping site. A former old farm has now become a campground bustling with life. Here, entertainment and activities are organized every day.

In the rural surroundings, there are both animals and outdoor activities. You can, for instance, pet donkeys and swim in the campground's pool or the nearby lake. Additionally, don't forget to roast delicious marshmallows over the campfire for a perfect camping experience.

The campground is not far from Bremen, which you can also visit to add some history, culture, and city life to your camping trip.

Find Märchencamping on Zum Steller See 83, 28816 Stuhr.

KNAUS Campingpark Hamburg

Camping near the big city

Mennesker på camping

Close to the city, you'll find Campingpark Hamburg. You don't have to decide whether you want a city vacation with lots of activity or a peaceful camping trip because here you can have both.

At the campground, you'll have green surroundings with trees and vast lawns as far as the eye can see. The park also works very well as a well-deserved stopover when you're on your way to or from a vacation further south.

You can easily combine your camping trip with a visit to the center of Hamburg. Visiting the city's many attractions is a great idea since you can easily reach the charming city from the campground.

Visit Campingpark Hamburg at Wunderbrunnen 2, 22457 Hamburg.

Röders' Park - Premium Camping Lüneburger Heide

Bliss and sunshine in Soltau

Stream by Röders Park

If you're in need of a small sanctuary of peace and tranquility, you can visit Röders' Park in Soltau on the southern side of Hamburg. The campground is nestled in green surroundings and runs along a stream.

Here, you have the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of nature with a hike in the surrounding forests or a bike ride on the nearby trails. For children, there's plenty of space for play and a playground that promises lots of fun. Additionally, Röders Park also has its own restaurant, so you don't have to cook every day. The campground is a 2-3 hour drive from the port in Puttgarden.

Although there's mostly peace and tranquility in Röders Park, you don't have to go far before there's excitement and action. Just a 5-minute drive away – or an hour's walk – you'll find the captivating Heide Park. So, the area offers a bit of everything.

You'll find Röders Park at Ebsmoor 8, 29614 Soltau, Tyskland

Rosenfelder Strand – Ostsee Camping

A pearl by the Baltic Sea

On the road - campingtrip

Just on the other side of the Baltic Sea, not far from Puttgarden, you'll come across one of the best campgrounds along the German coast. Rosenfelder Strand boasts plenty of activities and is based on three S's: sports, games, and spa. At Rosenfelder Strand, there are plenty of options: from a huge playground and sports fields for the little ones to wellness for the adults. And, of course, it's right by a lovely sandy beach with great swimming water.

Here, you can expect relaxation, wonderful natural experiences, and lots of fresh air. Rosenfelder Strand Ostsee Camping is, therefore, a great choice for a relaxing vacation, with plenty of opportunities to burn off energy on the soccer field or on a hike in the natural area. And if you're hungry for cultural experiences, Lübeck is just an hour's drive away.

Visit Rosenfelder Strand at Rosenfelder Strand 1, 23749 Grube, Tyskland

Camping & Ostseeferienpark Walkyrien

Family paradise and sociable animals

Par drikker drinks i boblebad

A bit further down the German Baltic Sea coast, you'll find Camping & Ostseeferienpark Walkyrien. Walkyrien is located right next to the beach and offers the optimal view of the Baltic Sea.

The campground has a wellness area and even offers various types of massages. There is plenty of space for play for the little ones, and also planned entertainment programs for children of all ages. So, let the kids run wild and relax in beautiful and peaceful surroundings while you enjoy the sea view.

Camping Walkyrien is also a haven for animals: horses, goats, ponies, chickens - you name it! So, if you love being close to animals, Camping Walkyrien is a great choice for your next camping trip - and horseback riding adventure!

Find Camping Walkyrien on Strandweg 26, 23730 Schashagen, Tyskland

Note: We reserve the right for changes in facilities and prices at the campgrounds and refer to the campgrounds' own websites for an updated overview.