During the crossing

You're more than welcome to bring your pet on board the ferry.

Pets are allowed in all non-carpeted areas during the crossing, but for hygiene reasons, they must remain at least two metres away from buffets etc.

Pets must also be on a leash or in a closed cage, carrier or similar, out of consideration for other passengers. We also expect you to keep an eye on your pet during the crossing to make sure that it does not bother other passengers.

If you have any questions during your journey, please contact a member of staff, who will always be ready to help.

Dogs on board

If you are travelling with a dog, it may remain in the car during the crossing. However due to maritime safety precautions, you won’t be able to visit your dog while the ship is at sea.

If you bring your dog upstairs with you, you can borrow a water bowl from Scandlines Food Express.

Unfortunately, our ferries do not have a toilet area for dogs.

EU pet passports and vaccination

Please remember that dogs and cats require a pet passport to be allowed entry into other EU countries. The passport must include a veterinary certificate of rabies vaccination. Read more about EU pet passports at The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.