Cruising through Copenhagen's canals in relaxation

Who doesn't know her? The Little Mermaid embodies Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

This international metropolis with around 600,000 inhabitants doesn't need a grandiose landmark. Instead of the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty, The Little Mermaid, Den Lille Havfrue, adorns a boulder on the Langelinie Pier waterfront and is one of the sights in Copenhagen.

The figure from a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen embodies the Danish national soul and is the most famous Dane worldwide. The mermaid was willing to give up everything for her beloved - even the sea. This modesty and readiness for unity still characterize the Danes today. Joy of life, community spirit, and serenity are highly valued. Instead of ostentatious status symbols, a certain understatement is cultivated.

Copenhagen is a fantastic place on this planet. Many describe Copenhagen as the most livable city in the world. Historical monuments, exciting contemporary architecture, the world's second-oldest amusement park, numerous green spaces, and a harbor with clean water where you can even swim: Where else can you find this incomparable mix of Scandinavian clarity and maritime flair?

On a canal tour with the shipping company Stromma through Copenhagen, you experience the Copenhagen attractions in a comfortable manner from an unusual perspective: Like The Little Mermaid, you see the metropolis from the water.

As You Like It: The Various Canal Tours by Stromma

Kanalrundfahrt in Kopenhagen

Stromma is the specialist for canal tours through Copenhagen. On a boat tour, you sit comfortably and let the sights of Copenhagen have their effect on you: Churches and castles, modern architecture, and protected buildings pass by, while a knowledgeable guide explains everything. The classic tour covering all the important attractions lasts one hour.

Furthermore, it is possible to purchase a Hop-on-Hop-off ticket without a partner discount, which is valid for 48 hours. With this ticket, you can get on and off as often as you like. All tours start in Nyhavn or Gammel Strand/Ved Stranden. The guides usually explain the panorama in English and Danish, and on some tours, also in German. The ticket office will provide information.

Nyhavn: Here the canal tour starts between sailor dives and promenades

Nyhavn, Kopenhagen in Dänemark

If you start your canal tour in Nyhavn in Copenhagen, you fully immerse yourself in the history of Copenhagen. The colorful gabled houses host a unique mix of quaint bars and restaurants.

Along the quay of the 400-meter-long dead-end canal, Hans Christian Andersen once wandered, who lived here. In Nyhavn, Copenhagen, dubious figures in dive bars used to turn night into day. Today, picturesque sailing boats sway at the quay, which has developed into a promenade and gourmet mile.

At Gammel Strand, you board the ship in front of historical facades in the heart of the old town. Just as steeped in history as Nyhavn, Gammel Strand features historical facades along the Frederiksholm Canal, which separates the island of Slotsholmen from the mainland. A statue commemorates the fishwives who sold their goods here in the Middle Ages. Today, Gammel Strand is home to the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen.

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Relaxing on discovery tours in the boat

Gammel Strand Kopenhagen

In every interesting city, there are attractions that you must see during a visit. Are you traveling with children? Then you'll surely want to show them the key sights of Copenhagen. Doing this by boat is seamless.

If you start your tour at Gammel Strand, you will immediately pass by Christiansborg Palace on the island of Slotsholmen. The royal palace dominates the old town and the harbor with its tower over 100 meters high. Today, the magnificent building houses the Danish Parliament and the Supreme Court.

Also situated on an island is the Royal Opera, the architectural counterpoint to the palace. This modern building towers over the harbor waves like a temple of modern art. Diagonally opposite this breathtaking building, the Little Mermaid gazes into the water.

Contemporary too is the architecture of the Black Diamond, which you will see at the end of the boat tour. This name describes the 2,500 square meters facade of the modern part of the Royal Library. It is made of polished black granite and rises like an inclined plane over the water.

Off to Tivoli after the canal tour

Café in Kopenhagen

After the classic boat tour, a tour through Tivoli is a great option. You can book the ticket together with the canal tour, which allows you to bypass the queues at the entrance.

Tivoli is not only the second-oldest amusement park in the world but also one of the most visited. Since 1843, the Danes have been enjoying a colorful mix of rides, theaters, and musical performances here. Hans Christian Andersen, too, appreciated this fairy-tale world and was a frequent visitor.

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