Living Prehistoric Era

Crocodiles are among the oldest species in the world. They have existed for over 230 million years and have changed very little since then. Yet, no crocodile egg resembles another. Or do you know the difference between an alligator and a true crocodile? In the Crocodile Zoo, there is at least one representative of every existing genus – particularly impressive is the only Orinoco crocodile living outside of America.

See you later, Alligator


The Crocodile Zoo is a natural exhibit that will definitely impress and fascinate you – only here in Denmark are so many different species housed in an environment close to their natural habitat, which they share with turtles and lizards. At the end of your visit, go on an unforgettable journey of discovery in the tropical house: While standing on the pedestrian bridge, the large alligators lie just a few meters sluggishly beneath your feet. Get so close to Europe's largest crocodile "Sobek" that you can almost hear its stomach growl. The Nile crocodile is more than 5 meters long and weighs 600 kilos. Or feel the hypnotic gaze of "Medusa," an almost 6.5 meter long reticulated python?

Look forward to a tropical experience in any weather at the Crocodile Zoo during your vacation in Denmark!

The Crocodile Whisperer

René Heedegard is the "Crocodile Dundee" of Denmark. Like no one else, he understands the care, breeding, and reintroduction of crocodiles. Get to know the exotic reptiles during one of the exciting feedings and shows in his Crocodile Zoo. Since its opening 21 years ago, the world's largest crocodile family has been able to settle here. The zoo is not just a museum but is passionately dedicated to nature and species conservation – all crocodiles come from previous captivity. A portion of every ticket sold goes into conservation projects of the Crocodile Specialist Group.

Night Zoo in July



As the long summer day fades into dusky twilight, the animals in the Crocodile Zoo slowly become active. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in July, you can be part of a very special experience in the park: The Night Zoo reopens its gates from 10 PM to midnight for nocturnal visitors. During the guided tour, a zookeeper will show you the fascinating world of crocodiles. Get amazingly close to these living prehistoric lizards – if you dare.

Arrival - Into the Prehistoric Era in Real Time

The zoo season here lasts all year round. You can find the current opening hours daily on

The Crocodile Zoo is located northeast of Eskilstrup, about 55 kilometers inland from Rødby. From Gedser, it's only about a 35-minute drive before you reach the northern center of the island of Falster. The Danish island invites you for extended walks in the forests or hikes along the Baltic Sea coast. From the Crocodile Zoo, it's only a few minutes' drive to the island of Møn with perhaps the most magnificent chalk cliffs of the Baltic Sea – Møns Klint – and plenty of sea.

Staying near the Crocodile Zoo

In the immediate vicinity, there are great accommodations for your stay at the Crocodile Zoo.

Guldborg Rooms

The Guldborg Rooms, located on the southern Danish island of Falster, stand out for their cozy furnishings and great location, just 17km from the Crocodile Zoo. From the snug single room to accommodations for a large family of 10, everything is available - even including tea or coffee and WiFi.

Guldborgvej 304
4862 Guldborg

Other recommendable options in close proximity include:

Hotel Falster

Hotel Falster is a family-run 3-star hotel perfect for families: all 68 rooms are equipped with their own bathroom, coffee maker, and TV. Children and pets are just as warmly welcomed.

Stubbekøbingvej 150
4800 Nykøbing Falster

Motel Højmølle Kro

Thanks to its direct proximity to the Crocodile Zoo, Motel Højmølle Kro is a popular starting point for further excursions across the island of Falster. The small rooms in Eskilstrup are distinguished by their charming ambiance.

Nykøbingvej 112
4863 Eskilstrup


The small campground in Møn is located at one of the most beautiful beaches in Denmark. From almost everywhere on the campground, you can see the sea.

MØN CAMPING (formerly: Camping Vestmøn)
Hårbøllevej 87
4792 Askeby