Island of Møn with chalk cliffs, where time stands still

Møn Island is a true treasure among the Danish islands. Why?

Nature here is still wild and impresses with its diversity: Mön is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. You can see the ancient history of the Earth thanks to Møns Klint and the medieval culture thanks to several attractions. At night, the universe feels very close: it's so dark that you can see the Milky Way perfectly!

This beautiful island in eastern Denmark is also very cozy, with all its sweet cafes and small towns. It's as if time stands still here.

An ideal place to relax: for a day, a weekend, or simply as a holiday destination. Get inspired!

Møns Klint: The chalk cliffs of superlatives

Møns Klint Kreidefelsen am Meer in Dänemark

Majestically beautiful! It's hard not to be impressed by Møns Klint. The gigantic Møn chalk cliff stretches along the east coast of the island.

Møns Klint is:

  • 6 km long
  • 130 meters high
  • the highest chalk cliff in Europe
  • 70 million years old!

Look down from one of the many viewpoints at the steeply descending cliff – without getting dizzy!

At the foot of the cliff, a sandy beach spreads out, bordered by the turquoise sea. Is this really Denmark? It feels more like being in a more exotic place on this earth.

Møns Klint is a must-see! It is one of the absolute main attractions of Denmark.

Many talk about ecology, Møn gives it flavor


Ecology has been a major focus on Møn for many years. On the island, a lot is organically bred, planted, processed, and produced.

Try the delicious honey from wildflowers, fruits ripened by the sun, and meat from animals that graze on lush meadows. The fish is naturally salted by the sea. Enjoy it with a locally brewed beer or a delicious fruit juice.

The famous Møn Ice Cream as a version of Danish ice cream

Particularly noteworthy is the Møn Ice Cream.

Visit the visitor-friendly farm in Stege, Møn Økologisk, where it's made. First, stop by the cows, then go to the sales shop and indulge yourself: ice cream with white chocolate and Oreo or maybe licorice? The choice is vast.

It would be great if you could take it home by the liter!

Møn Økologisk
Fanefjordgade 16
4792 Askeby

Cool ice glaciers at the GeoCenter Møns Klint

Installation mit dem Eisgletscher und Dinosaurier im GeoCenter Møns Klint in Dänemark

At the GeoCenter Møns Klint - Denmark's coolest science center - you can learn in an entertaining way what happened in Denmark 70 million years ago!

For example, when two-thirds of all life was wiped out due to meteor impacts and supervolcanoes.

Equally fascinating is the story of the ice glaciers and the creation of the wild landscape. In a breathtaking way, the beautiful nature of Møns Klint was formed. The kids will be thrilled too!

Interested? Check out the video from GeoCenter Møns Klint:

GeoCenter Møns Klint
Stengårdsvej 8
4791 Borre

Dark Sky – here you can see the Milky Way

Moen strand

In not many places where we live, can we see the Milky Way in the night sky. The light in our cities "pollutes" the sky so much that we can no longer see many stars.

Møn and the small island of Nyord, north of Møn, are exceptions.

Since 2017, the island of Møn has been designated a Dark Sky Park. Why? In this area, the night sky is particularly dark, so the millions of stars are very easy to see. It's an incredible experience! Møn is truly one of the best places in the world where you can see the universe so perfectly.

Seeing Dark Sky on Møn and Nyord

When is the best time to see the wonderful starry sky there? Check the official Dark Sky page: Click here to find ideal environmental conditions for observing the night sky on Møn and Nyord.

➡️ Our tip: The starry sky can be seen there throughout the year in the clearest possible weather. However, the best times to watch are:

  • in the fall
  • in the winter
  • during the new moon
  • during astronomical twilight

Plan the trip, go there, and... see for yourself!

Photos of the Dark Sky on Møn: Astrophotography and Instagram

Don't forget to bring: a camera! Or at least a smartphone.

Møn, with its Dark Sky, fantastic chalk cliffs, and turquoise blue sea, is a dream destination for many photography enthusiasts. Those who love photography will find countless great places and motifs for wonderful photo shoots here.

For fans of astrophotography, it's like paradise. To see and capture the entire Milky Way in such a beautiful and quiet environment: goosebumps and... enchanting photos guaranteed! Astro photography truly touches the soul.

Instagram fans, take note! On this island, you'll find many Instagrammable spots.

Our tips for Instagrammable locations on Møn:

  • Møns Klint chalk cliffs
  • Giant chalk cliffs seen on a boat tour
  • Beautiful views at Forchhammer's Pynt
  • Beech forest Klinteskoven near Møns Klint
  • Hilly terrain Høvblege with wild orchids
  • Old lighthouse Møn Fyr with a view of the sea
  • Fanefjord Church
  • Near the glamping at Møns Klint at night
  • Beaches near Møns Klint
  • Rooftop terrace of the café at GeoCenter Møns Klint
  • Old Town in Stege
  • Liselund Castle and its park

Otherwise: just take your smartphone or a good camera and capture your beautiful time on Møn. Or: a special date. Or perhaps a beautiful... marriage proposal on Møn?

Old churches that tell colorful stories

Mön Fane Fjord Kirke mit dem Rapsfeld im Vordergrund

No, no, not at all: there are not boring churches on Møn!

  • Fanefjord Church
  • Keldby Church
  • Elmelunde Church

The colorful and magical interiors along with the beautiful frescoes of the buildings will amaze you.

The medieval frescoes are considered world-class art by connoisseurs. Judge for yourself the depictions of people's lives in the Middle Ages.

The so-called Elmelunde Master is the most important fresco artist on Møn. The stories he portrays are from the Bible. But the master has set the scenes in the Middle Ages, giving an impression of what everyday life looked like back then.


n his paintings, the people appear tired and overworked. They seem to have resignedly accepted their fate, marked by hard labor and violence. Despite the somewhat sad depictions, the colorful frescoes are truly beautiful and educational to see.

➡️ Good to know: The frescoes are also special because they are among the few in Europe to depict the devil. In the Middle Ages, this was rather forbidden.

Stone Age in Denmark for All Souls

South of Fanefjord Church, you will find the megalithic tomb Grønsalen. They are proof that Møn was an important settlement area already in the Stone Age.

There, you can see 3 burial chambers and over 130 mighty curb stones with a length of about 100 meters. The megalithic tombs are one of the largest of their kind in Denmark.

Picnic in the Liselund Castle Park

Schlosspark Liselund mit Liselund Schloss im Hintergrund auf Insel MÖn in Dänemark

Looking for a romantic picnic spot close to the chalk cliffs of Møns Klint? Liselund is the perfect choice!

Liselund is a beautiful castle park with a tiny water pond and thatched-roof mansions. Its dreamy atmosphere, cozy surroundings, and nature attract many guests for a pleasant excursion and a perfect break. It's always so quiet and relaxing here.

The castle park is just a few minutes' walk from the white cliffs and is also easily accessible by car.

Liselund Castle, Liselund Slot in Danish, is the smallest pleasure palace in Denmark! With its interesting architecture, Chinese teahouse, and authentically preserved furniture, it invites visitors for a tour.

A tough walk: the longest stairs in Denmark

Die längste Treppe Dänemarks

Møn has many treasures, even those that don't shine like gold.

Perhaps conquering Denmark's longest staircase, Grårygtrappen, with its 496 steps, isn't enough for you. The staircase leads to the top of the chalk cliff, which rises 128 meters above the beach.

For the super athletic of all ages, there's a special challenge: the South Coast Ultra. This unique race takes place every summer on the island of Møn and includes the longest staircase. And you? You can, of course, participate: either walking or running.

We already know the date of the next race: August 17, 2024.

So, let's go!

#mnsklint on Instagram

Hiking through Møn on Camønoen

Leichte Wanderroute bei dem Rapsfeld auf Insel Mön in Dänemark

You can actively explore the entire island of Møn with real joy! Whether by bike or on foot - everyone will find something for themselves.

➡️ Our tip: Go for a hike, especially on Camønoen!

The well-signposted hiking trails of Camønoen lead through different beautiful corners of Møn. There's a great selection: you can opt for relaxed routes lasting a few hours or challenge yourself with a long day trip.

Camønoen is considered one of the friendliest hiking trails in Denmark. Why?

It was specifically designed to be suitable for everyone. There are barrier-free routes ideal for people with mobility impairments or in wheelchairs, as well as family-friendly and dog-friendly paths. Alternatively, you can also participate in a guided tour - perfect for gaining even more knowledge.

  • 175 km long
  • 12 stages
  • Maps and Camønopasses for stamp collectors available (Museum shop at Møns Museum)
  • official Webseite: Camønoen (

Møn Fyr Lighthouse with our insider tip

Familie mit Kinder bei einem Leuchtturm auf einem Tagesausflug in Dänemark

What would an island by the sea be without a lighthouse?

Of course, Møn also has a lighthouse, and a historic one at that: Møn Fyr.

Imagine this: Møn Fyr was built in 1845 and is one of the oldest operating lighthouses.

Its yellow color and unique architecture are a real draw for tourists. Here, you can not only take great photos but also enjoy a wonderful view over the sea and Møns Klint. It's no surprise that the green surroundings are also very popular for hikes or picnics.

➡️ Our insider tip: Near the lighthouse, there's a very friendly path to the beach.

This path is less well-known but is considered one of the friendliest compared to the other staircases down by the chalk cliffs (remember: the cliffs are up to 130 m high!). So, if you're looking for a comfortable and not-so-difficult access to the beach, take this one.

Excursion to the beach at Møns Klint

Familie mit Kindern auf dem Strand auf Moen bei Moens Klint

This is a beach for explorers! Perfect for an adventure for both young and old.

The beach near Møns Klint is ideal for an outing for the whole family: both in summer and in the colder seasons. Of course, be mindful of bad weather; there's a danger of parts of the cliff falling down.

Walk along this special beach and literally touch history: the white cliffs are 70 million years old!

Then, collect various fascinating fossils, stones, and, if you're lucky, amber on the beach. Wouldn't that be a great souvenir?

Admiring Møns chalk cliffs on a boat trip

Mons Klint Kreidefelsen An Der Ostsee In Dänemark

Møns Klint is a fascinating natural spectacle! The scene is even more impressive from a boat.

Therefore, it's best to rent a cutter with one of the professional nature guides from the GeoCenter Møns Klint.

On the boat trip, you will learn about the geological wonders that have taken place here over millions of years. The tour provides an exciting and educational introduction to the amazing history of the Danish island of Møn and the sea that surrounds it.

Here you can visit GeoCenter Møn
Learn more about the cutter tours.