Flexible travel there and back

  • Open return journey
  • Reserved space on the booked departure
  • Valid for all available departures on the day
  • Free cancellation and refund on tickets booked with a departure up to and including 01/01/2023
  • Price is valid for up to 9 persons in a car
  • Tickets with the outbound journey based on a fixed departure in the period 24.10.2022 – 30.12.2022 have a flexible return journey on any ferry with available capacity up to and including 01.01.2023. Tickets with the outbound journey based on a fixed departure in the period 02.01. – 03.09.2023 have a flexible return journey on any ferry with available capacity up to and including 30.09.2023.


  • Online price

    • Online price low season from 166 €
    • Online price high season from 206 €

    The online price applies to purchases via the website, in the app or via customer services.

    Harbour price

    • Harbour price low season from 174 €
    • Harbour price high season from 216 €

    The harbour price applies to purchases at the harbour.

    See price calendar.

    Buy until 2 hours before departure on scandlines.com, in Scandlines' app or via customer service.

    Buy until 15 minutes before departure in the harbour from an employee in the Yellow lane or at the machine in the Blue lane.

    Please note that tickets purchased in the Yellow lane at the harbour or via customer services incur a handling fee from 13 €.

    See terms.

    All prices are in EUR.

  • Increased costs have unfortunately meant that we have had to introduce an extraordinary price increase of 10 € on tickets for cars and recreational vehicles from 12 October 2022 up to and including 1 January 2023.

    Read more about the extraordinary price increase.

  • To partially cover increased fuel costs, we have had to introduce a fuel surcharge of 1,50 € per crossing on tickets for cars and camping vehicles.

    As the fuel surcharge is added per crossing, return tickets will be charged twice - once for the outward journey and once for the return journey.

    The fuel surcharge will be added to tickets departing from 2 January 2023.

    Read more about the fuel surcharge.

    • Check-in at the harbour up to 15 minutes prior to departure
    • Can be refunded for free up to 3 months after the originally booked outward journey date. This only applies to tickets booked with departures up to and including 01/01/2023.
      For tickets with departures from 02/01/2023, refunds on cancellations are possible only if you purchased the Refund Service when you booked the ticket
    • You can rebook directly at the harbour or by calling customer services on +49 (0) 381 – 77 88 77 66 no later than 2 hours prior to the booked departure
    • If the departure is more expensive, the difference will be charged with the rebooking or upon check-in at the harbour
    • Only unused tickets can be refunded
    • Once you have booked your ticket, you have a 24-hour right of withdrawal
    • Read more about rebooking or cancelling your ticket
  • The price is valid for cars up to 6 m in length. A length surcharge is levied for cars longer than 6 m. This is automatically calculated when you make your booking and is charged from 25 € per 2 m.

    Read vehicle definitions.

  • There is always something good to eat on the Puttgarden-Rødby crossing.

    • Scandlines Kitchen serves a breakfast buffet and à la carte dishes
    • Scandlines Food Express serves classic cafeteria dishes
    • Scandlines Coffee offers coffee and snacks

    Book the Scandlines Kitchen breakfast buffet online with your ferry ticket.

Travel using your Smile points

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