Travel flexible there and back with Easy Return

Easy Return ticket is a great option for everybody, who wants to travel especially flexible. 

You want to decide by yourself, when you are going to come back? Do you plan a roadtrip to Scandinavia and will see later, when you travel back? Or maybe you fancy working remotely in Denmark or Sweden - as long as you like it?

Yes, we make your return really easy!

  • Departure: on the booked day
  • Open return journey: for all available departures on any chosen day with available capacity until 22.12.2023
  • Valid for 1 car with up to 9 people
  • Reserved space on the booked departure
  • Valid for all available departures on the day
  • Check-in at the harbour up to 15 minutes prior to departure
Family Standing On The Deck of the Scandlines hybrid ferry