Quite wild: Northern Europe's largest safari park

Africa is within reach here. Experience over 500 animals in the wild. Cruise through the park in your car, at a safe distance from the dangerous ones! Or, if you prefer an authentic experience – in the safari bus of the animal park.

In the non-dangerous areas, you can of course walk on foot. You will pass through landscapes of several continents, where you encounter animals that are naturally native there. White wolves, tigers, or rhinoceroses, zebras, giraffes, kangaroos, monkeys – animals from all over the world have found an optimal home in Knuthenborg Park, where they are protected from poachers or other man-made dangers.

How about a tour in the park's rustic Land Rover?

Along the way, you can get out and get close to selected animals. The nature guides will gladly tell you about the animals and the unique history of the safari park. Or watch the feeding of the wolves and tigers. Here you experience everything up close – without ever being in danger.

Give your family a great, exciting day that none of you will forget anytime soon.

It's all fun and games in Limpopoland

Knuthenborg Safaripark

In Limpopoland, the amusement park located in the middle of the safari park, children of all ages have a great time. Here they can really let off steam. And when hunger strikes, there are plenty of "feeding stations" for the little predators.

Congo Splash – Europe's steepest water slide

For all adventurous water enthusiasts, Congo Splash is the ultimate experience. A tingling sensation in your stomach is guaranteed! After a leisurely tour through the canals, it goes up 16 meters. For 30 seconds, you can then enjoy the view of Africa's wild animals on the savannah. Then, suddenly, it's a steep drop down. Splash! Once you reach the bottom – you're soaked! An insane ride that you'll want to do more than once.

Even More Water!

After a safari, you need to cool off. The best way to do this is, for example, to stand under the big coconut that pours out 75 liters of water at once. The water playground is fun for everyone and absolutely safe for children: here, the water comes from above and runs off the base. Of course, the very little ones have their own water playground.

Climbing at the Highest Point

Let your children also climb Kilimanjaro – another attraction in Limpopoland. The highest mountain in Africa is here 8 meters high, and at the top, there's great fun to be had with ropes and spider nets. Occasionally, smoke rises from the mountain – just like a real volcano.

The 100-meter long and 6-meter high slide Kampala-Express is also exciting for the little ones from 3 years old.

The natural playground, the largest in Denmark, allows imagination and the joy of movement free rein. Here, all little monkeys and every Tarzan can climb, jump, bounce, and swing through the air.

Knuthenborg Safaripark
Knuthenborg Allé
4930 Maribo


Time travel in the Dinosaur Forest

Ein Dinosaur im Dinosaurierwald auf dem Knuthenborg Safaripark auf Lolland-Falster in Dänemark

Take your family on a journey back in time to more than 65 million years ago, when you walk through the Dinosaur Forest among lively and roaring dinosaurs like the Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Real fossils, large skeletons, and fascinating emus, the modern relatives of dinosaurs, offer exciting and entertaining learning for the whole family. And who knows – maybe the paleontologists in your family will find fossils during the excavation!

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Lalandia – a paradise for water lovers

Lalandia drinnen mit Rutschbahnen auf Lolland-Falster in Dänemark

Take the ferry to Rødby Harbor. Shortly after, you will arrive at your first holiday destination in Denmark, the holiday land Lalandia.

The amusement center is located right on the sandy beach of the Baltic Sea. You don't need to worry about the weather: it's always summer temperatures in the Aquadome. For the kids, this means endless fun on slides, under waterfalls, and other wet activities.

For the adults, there's special wellness waiting in the spa baths with essential oils and in the panoramic sauna, which, with its large glass window, offers a view of nature. Additionally, Lalandia offers various accommodation options and dining with Italian and American classics.

Lalandia in Rødby
Lalandia Center 1
DK-4970 Rødby