Fun, sports, action, and relaxation on Zealand, arguably Denmark's most beautiful island

Zealand, in Danish "Sjælland", is the largest Danish island (not counting Greenland) and enchants with a magnificent landscape, the metropolis of Copenhagen, endless dunes, deep blue sea, spectacular cliffs, and romantic villages. In short, Zealand is a true vacation paradise for the whole family.

Whether you're traveling with children, as a couple, or in a group, here you'll find out what Zealand has in store for you. Spoiler alert: You're in for a few surprises – promised!

Surprising views on Zealand

Castles, villages and long white beaches

Island-hopping, romantic villages, relaxed hours with a view of the sea, a gentle breeze, endless white beaches – what sounds like a perfect South Seas vacation is just a few hours' drive from Germany.

The Danish South Sea is aptly named: Countless islands cluster off the coast of Denmark, each with its own charm. Zealand is the largest of these South Sea islands and impresses with a varied vacation program. What are you in the mood for – action or relaxation, sports or museums?

Around 220 road kilometers lead through Zealand, Denmark's fascinating island, past a captivating landscape that offers ever-new surprising views: for example, on Gavnø Castle with its beautiful castle park.

Gavnø Schloss

© Gavnø Slot

Finding the Vikings of Zealand

Viking Ship Museum, Viking Museum, and a whiff of history

Visiting the Danish South Sea with children offers a free choice – history, nature, or adventure? Everything is possible!

Just a few kilometers west of the small town of Slagelse, the Viking Museum Trelleborg, a more than a thousand-year-old ring fortress, offers it all. Spread over an area of about six hectares, you dive into the history of Denmark's indigenous people. The Viking fortress was built by King Harald Bluetooth around 980 AD and was extensively restored in the mid-20th century. Today, you can stroll through a reconstructed Viking village at Trelleborg, watch a blacksmith at work, and then enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding the fortress.

Der Seehengst von Glendalough - ein Wikingerschiff im Roskilde Wikingerschiffsmuseum

© Vikingeskibsmuseet i Roskilde

And then there's Roskilde, Denmark's first capital and home to the Vikings!

At the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, you're greeted by real Viking ships. Be sure to visit the shipyard to get a closer look at the craftsmen's work. Step aboard an authentic ship of that era. Try out new Viking cuisine too. And... discover more on your own.

The Viking ships, which brought destruction and prosperity, are housed in the Viking Ship Hall. An extra feature: it offers a great view of the Roskilde Fjord. It's easy to imagine the fear and terror the sight of a great longship must have stirred as it landed on foreign shores with around 70 fierce warriors.

Sailing, swimming, and strolling through Zealand

Nature, sea and fjords

Segelhafen am Meer in Dänemark

© VisitFjordlandet

Who needs the Caribbean when there's the Danish South Sea?

Those wanting to sail the Danish South Sea will find a plethora of sailing areas and anchorage spots. Like the Smålandsfarvandet between Zealand and Lolland, with its numerous small islands and fjord-like landscapes. Or the Guldborgsund in the southeast of Zealand, enticing with its beautiful bays.

Sailing the Danish South Sea and letting the wind of freedom blow around your nose counts among the most beautiful experiences that the Danish island of Zealand has to offer.

Exploring Zealand by bike

Cycling through Copenhagen, small towns, and the countryside

Frauen Auf Fahrräder fahren durch Dänemark

© Mads Tolstrup & Destination SydkystDanmark

If you prefer solid ground, just start pedaling!

Cycling around the Danish South Sea opens up unique panoramic views of the splendid landscapes and leads through quite a few enchanting small towns or, of course, Copenhagen.

A multi-day route suitable for all fitness levels runs right along the Baltic Sea and takes you to the chalk cliffs of Møns Klint, to the beaches of Karrebæksminde, and to the historic trading town of Stege.