Book now the ferry for your dream holiday

Cast off, the time is now! The season 2023 awaits you in Denmark and Sweden. You can already book all tariffs until the very beginning of January 2024. Make sure to catch the low-priced holiday tickets on time!

Travel sustainable by ferry and experience the sea

That way you can ensure your sea travel to the Nordic countries with a lot of fresh air and space. Summer cottages or camping areas in an unique Scandinavian landscape offer so much free space and that feeling of security for your perfect holidays. And they are just very easy and cheap to reach with one’s own car.

With Scandlines, travelling into your dream holiday is especially sustainable. The most modern hybrid ferries with effective and noise-reducing thrusters, and an innovative rotor sail set the highest climate-friendly standards to reduce even more CO2 emission.

Scandlines stands for maritime-inspired, green travel and the greatest flexibility in individual travel planning. On our 2 routes we offer you high frequency and minimal time of going overseas. Simply faster by ferry to Denmark and then further to Sweden thanks to until 60 daily departures.

We sail across the Baltic Sea every 30 minutes from Puttgarden and until 10 times a day from Rostock.

Our extremely affordable ticket return service for an additional 13 € makes it possible to save your travel budget, even if your plans change. If your travel preferences change: Simply return your ticket.